Cars may be killing the planet, but without cars, we wouldn't have Ricky Bobby, so who's the real villain here? It does seem like cars turn functioning humans into primal idiots—otherwise calm people road rage out, people take dysfunctional cars into the woods and shoot them while getting drunk, and some brilliant thinker decided setting a car on fire would make a good headlight. Yep, we're always our most rational thinking selves behind the wheel, especially when you can feel the light turn green and the engine purring and Dominic Toretto glances over at you…

Sorry, we started daydreaming. Did you know cars have been featured in cinema? The Ferris Bueller car aged about as well as the idea of having Jeffrey Jones in charge of high schoolers. Mercedes-Benz made a car for Avatar, as everyone was doing in 2009…oh wow, not 2009, huh? Cool. And most importantly, the Muppets drive cars. Who wouldn't feel comfortable riding shotgun with Fozzie Bear behind the wheel?

The Sociopath's Guide to Owning and Maintaining Classic Cars

Some of us didn\'t have anybody in our lives that was there to teach us the important things in life: How to fix appliances, build a shed, when it is and is not acceptable to urinate on a police officer or, in my particular case, how to work on classic cars. And that\'s a damn shame too, because from approximately 1960 to 1979, the United States bu

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