For No Reason, Mercedes-Benz Made An 'Avatar' Car

Plug your ponytail into the cigarette lighter and rev it up, baby!
For No Reason, Mercedes-Benz Made An 'Avatar' Car

The movie Avatar is a car now. A Mercedes-Benz, of all cars. Back when the movie was released in 2009, no one could've predicted these words would form a cohesive image that reflected reality when strung together. Yet here we are, revealing the Avatar Mercedes-Benz at CES 2020, proving that the film's anti-corporate-greed message has been thoroughly undercut by the fact that only major corporations like Disney and Daimler seem to like it, and only because it made a lot of money while leaving little to no imprint.

It's only a concept car, and as such it's more of a showcase for all of Mercedes's big ideas about the future of driving pretentiously. This manifests in the form of odd "inspirations" taken from a movie about the wonders of organic life and the evils of industry. That's why the car has mechanical scales on the back, which Mercedes says can be moved around to communicate information to other drivers, like whether or not the car is horny and ready to mate.

The big, bulbous wheels take their inspiration from the giant seeds on the trees in the film. I didn't need to mention that since we're all familiar with said giant seeds from the movie we all love and definitely remember: 2009's James Cameron's Disney's Avatar. As soon as we saw the wheels, each and every one of us pointed at them with the speed of a Mountain Banshee (or as the Na'vi call them, the Ikran -- you remember that) and shouted "Tree seed! Wheel is tree seed!" to everyone in our vicinity. Many strangers joined in the celebration, chanting "Wheel is tree seed! Wheel is tree seed!" again and again in acknowledgment of a thing we all certainly remember from a very impactful movie -- the tears streaming down our faces to slick the floor because we are simply overcome with joy that somebody made a fake car about Avatar.

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