The Ferris Bueller Car is For Sale… But it’s a Piece of Crap

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the beloved story of a teen sociopath's quest to skip school using synthesizers, mannequins, and good old-fashioned deception. The seminal '80s comedy features a slew of memorable scenes -- Ferris dancing on a parade float, Cameron leering at a Seurat painting, and not a single minute of Ferris dragging his girlfriend to a filthy strip club.

But who can forget that car. Because Ferris is too precious to take the damn bus, he convinces Cameron to boost his dad's vintage Ferrari ...

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... only to later destroy it, presumably leading to Cameron's offscreen murder.

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Well now this paragon of automotive excellence could be yours. Yup, the Ferris Bueller car is going up for auction at a gala the weekend of August 23. The only problem is that it's ... not a great car.

Despite how awesome it looked in the movie, Cameron's dad's Ferrari wasn't a Ferrari at all, but what's known as a "replicar" -- a Ferrari-like body on top of surprisingly mundane innards. Even back when the movie was made, the car wouldn't work right. According to actor Alan Ruck, the car was "a piece of crap" that was "universally hated by the crew." The scene wherein Ferris drops the car off at the parking garage had to be filmed "a dozen times" -- not because John Hughes was some kind of Kubrickian perfectionist, but because the faux-Ferrari just wouldn't start.

The car that has received "nine months of refreshing and updating." And while it's not a real Ferrari, it is a piece of cinematic history. Who knows, maybe they'll even throw in a pulley-operated mannequin torso for free.

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