Better Call Saul

Spin-off TV shows are a tough beat. Every time a The Jeffersons moves on up, a thousand Joeys fall flat on their chiseled-jaw faces. Even a success like Frasier can't exist without internet comedy jerks like us pointing out that Frasier abandoned a son in Boston of all places. So imagine our pleasant surprise to learn Better Call Saul gets it right. We know, it's soooo shocking that a bunch of comedy writers are glad for an excuse to spend time watching Bob Odenkirk cook, but the show is legitimately great at walking the spinoff tightrope. Old Breaking Bad mysteries are solved and Walter White parallels are drawn. Even the Better Call Saul finale mirrors its predecessor while remaining firmly its own show. Following the footsteps of greatness isn't easy, and we're glad Jimmy & The Better Call Gang pulled it off.


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