13 Movie & TV Super Slow Burn Jokes

13 Movie & TV Super Slow Burn Jokes

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When you think of movie and TV gags, you probably think of the rapid-fire, set 'em up/knock 'em down - type humor. The amazing thing is, sometimes shows and films wait literal years to get around to the punchline.

For example ...

In Season 3, Episode 11 of Breaking Bad, Jimmy (AKA Saul) tells Walt he once convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner.. BB SEASON 3, EPISODE 11 BCS SEAS

In Season 1, Episode 22 of Community, a Where are they now segment says that in 2014, Britta will own a used iPod Nano. SEASON 1, EPISODE 22 Britta

In Season 1, Episode 7 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka gets trapped in the Spirit World for 24 hours. SEASON 1, EPISODE 7 SEASON 3, EPISODE 6 The

In Season 1, Episode 2 of Archer, Archer briefs Cyril on his underwear gun, saying it sometimes malfunctions for, like, no reason. SEASON 1 EPISODE

A cartoon version of real-life Simpsons writer George Meyer gets fired on the show in Season 8, Episode 14. SEASON 8, EPISODE 14 SEASON 9FEPISODES 9 3

In Bojack Horseman Season 2, Episode 4, Mr. Peanutbutter redecorates a room to look like a Starbucks where he met Diane. XOUR EL MAKCC A REND SEASON 2

In the very first scene of Rick and Morty, Morty has to disarm a neutrino bomb, built by a drunk Rick, to save humanity. SEASON EPISODE 1 SEASON 3, EP

13 Movie & TV Super Slow Burn Jokes

13 Movie & TV Super Slow Burn Jokes

In Season 1, Episode 9 of Grey's Anatomy, Alex ends up giving Olivia syphillis. SEASON 1, EPISODE9 SEASON-14, EPISODE 23 305 episodes later, in Season

In Gravity Falls Season 1, Episode 6, Tyler can't decide whether to buy a puma shirt or a panther shirt. SEASON 1, EPISODE6 SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 OKE! I

13 Movie & TV Super Slow Burn Jokes

In a 1965 Doctor Who episode, the Doctor unintentionally gives Nero the idea to burn Rome. SEASON 2, EPISODE 4 ICLASSIC) SEASON 4, EPISODE 2 Almost ha


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