A Coded Message Spoiled ‘Better Call Saul’s Biggest Twist

Get out your decoder rings, kids.
A Coded Message Spoiled ‘Better Call Saul’s Biggest Twist

This article contains SPOILERS for season six of Better Call Saul.

The good folks behind Better Call Saul have really demonstrated a Batman villain-esque knack for dropping coded clues this year. Even before the sixth season began, the show’s Twitter account posted a promo video urging fans to “mark” their calendars – but the video, featuring the Salamanca twins strutting through a crime scene, seemingly offered no actual date for the premiere.

Fans were quick to notice, though, that two evidence markers labeled “D” and “R” slyly communicated the info; D being the fourth letter of the alphabet, and R being the 18th – and sure enough, the sixth season of the show debuted on April 18th. Well, this week’s episode gave us even more codes to decipher. 

Caldera, the shadiest veterinarian outside of the Beethoven franchise, shows Jimmy and Kim his little black book full of all his underworld contacts – but it’s all written in some kind of “Zodiac killer”-esque cipher.

The book also made a brief appearance in the very first scene of the season; it’s one of the items being cleared out of Saul’s McMansion, along with boxes of Viagra and old Beanie Babies.

The internet being the internet, someone quickly went to work cracking the code. Reddit user “AsuranFish” impressively deciphered much of the book weeks ago after recognizing that one of the names was likely “Patrick Kuby,” Saul’s thug buddy played by Bill Burr in Breaking Bad. Amazingly, if you know the code, that quick shot of the book’s contents actually spoils the season’s biggest twist so far: the death of Nacho Varga in episode 3. How? Nacho’s contact info is visible but, ominously, has been crossed out.

And now that we’ve gotten a better look at the book, the same amateur sleuth has also pieced together some additional names, including someone named “Karen Dubois” and another named “Peanut Butter” – presumably indicating that Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad take place within the BoJack Horseman-verse.

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