4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses


We'd like to think that we know the ins and outs of our own homes pretty well. But as the following stories prove, you never know what mystical treasures you may find dwelling in your abode. And by "mystical treasures" we mean "R&B superstars" and/or "horrifying creatures waiting to feast on your flesh."

A Crocodile

Guy Whittall, a former cricket captain, was staying at a lodge in Zimbabwe. He had a peaceful night's rest and woke the next morning as usual. It wasn't until he had already gotten out of bed and was in the kitchen when he heard a maid scream in alarm, alerting him that something was wrong.

When he went back into the bedroom, he saw that he had an unknown bunkmate the entire night:

4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses

Successfully fueling the nightmares of little kids and one-handed pirate captains everywhere.

Yep, it was an 8-foot crocodile chilling on the tile beneath his bed. Whittall even recalled how he had spent some part of the morning sitting at the edge of the bed, dangling his feet down.

Since one of Whittall's acquired skills happened to be crocodile wrangling, he rounded up a few more people and they got the scaly guy back outside and into the nearby river, but not before snapping a bunch of pictures, because who the hell would ever believe this happened?

4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses

#nofilter #poopedalittle

Alicia Keys

So imagine you're in bed at night in your mansion in the Hamptons. Probably one of the most nightmarish, shit-the-bed scenarios you can imagine is waking up to the sound of intruders in your house. What makes the situation a little less scary, though, is if that intruder happens to be a multiple-Grammy-award-winning singer.

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Although sometimes a wait-and-see approach is best.

A woman in the Hamptons was sleeping when she awoke to the sound of a commotion downstairs. Imagine her surprise when she walked into the kitchen to find Alicia Keys, husband Swizz Beatz, and a few other friends, partying like it was 1999.

4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her official response: "I just keep fallin' in and out ... of other people's houses."

Keys and company were just as surprised to see the woman as she was to see them. Keys and her husband had been renting a house in the Hamptons for the summer and got confused about which house was theirs. Which one of us hasn't entered the wrong house after a good night of partying? Celebrities, they're just like us!

A Mysterious Tunnel

Lee Smithwick of Lubbock, Texas, was watering his lawn when, like something out of an apocalypse movie, a portion of the yard began to sink in, leaving a 3-foot-wide hole. At first, Smithwick thought maybe it was a sinkhole, but after closer inspection he noticed railroad ties holding up what appeared to be a tunnel of some sort.


It also had a bunch of kids dressed in '80s clothes placing booby traps in it.

Historians came out to inspect the tunnel and think that perhaps it was created around 1909, after railroads came to the area. To make the situation of having a hidden underground tunnel in your yard even more badass, one historian in particular thinks that perhaps it was used for bootlegging during Prohibition. Shockingly, Smithwick says he wants to get the tunnel filled because of stupid concerns like "safety" and "What if this is the devil's gate to Earth?"

A Roommate Nobody Knew Existed

A group of male college students studying at Ohio State University had rented a house together. After living there for a month, they began to notice that something was not quite right. Sometimes they would hear strange noises and find cupboards in the kitchen left open. They would joke around about the matter and say that the house was "haunted," which also happens to be a great pick-up line to get girls back to your place.

They noticed a locked door in the basement that they all thought led to a maintenance room. Things began to escalate when they heard some peculiar sounds behind the door, like alarms going off.

4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses

Cue the heart-pounding, creepy violin music.

Sufficiently weirded out at this point, a maintenance worker was called to bust the door down. What they found inside shocked all of them. It was a well-lived-in bedroom.

4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses

"No cases on the top pillows. Either he's a meticulous killer or a lazy bachelor."

So who was this creepy mystery guy? A scary ex-conman with a collection of women's underwear and human body parts? Nope, it was just a normal OSU student named Jeremy, trying to score a free room.

It turns out that a cousin of Jeremy's had stayed at the house a year prior, which is how he had obtained the house key. He was also entering the house from a side door, which led directly to the basement so he wouldn't be observed.

The housemates said he was a "really nice guy," and they gave him notice and let him get his own shit out, instead of forcibly ejecting it. To make this story even creepier, one of the roommates had even met Jeremy a while back, hanging out in the fucking basement. At the time, he just figured Jeremy was a friend of one of the other roommates and recalled how he had said he was "wondering when he would meet the new residents."

4 Crazy Things People Just Discovered In Their Houses

"It's so knives to finally meat you."

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