14 Insane Movie-Based Festivals That Are Insanely Popular

14 Insane Movie-Based Festivals That Are Insanely Popular

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You know how everyone loves to giggle over furry meetups and sci-fi conventions? It turns out there are much more ridiculous movie- and show-based conventions going on literally all the time. So the next time you feel tempted to make fun of your roommate's Kylo Ren lightsaber, you might want to think twice. Your mom could be doing one of these things, even as we speak.

Bring Your Own Nihilistic Marmot to Lebowski Fest The Big Lebowski has spawned a number of homage-paying celebrations across the country, but the most

14 Insane Movie-Based Festivals That Are Insanely Popular

Hopefully Dennis Hopper Won't Show up to the Hoosiers' Reunion Al-Star Classic Indiana loves basketball. It also loves movies about basketball that ar

Yo! You Can Run Like Rocky in Philadelphia Inspired by Sylvester Stallone's sweaty jog through the streets of Philly, the Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run isn't

Return to a Better (Nonexistent) Time During Mayberry Days Despite the fact that the star whose name is in the title has denied it repeatedly, the sma

Groundhog Days (No, the Other One) We're not talking about the Groundhog Day celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania here. This one is held in Woods

Grumpy Old Men Festival Is Perfect for Curmudgeonly Ice Lovers Ice fishing, beer drinking, and potentially heart-stopping cold water plunges are featu

Get Eastbound and Down at The Bandit Run Commemorating Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed's legendary illegal interstate beer delivery in Smokey and the Ban

All Hail Spandex at the Superman Celebration It turns out there actually is a place called Metropolis, and it happens to be in Illinois. The locals ha

The Mary Poppins Festival Is Lousy With Chimney Sweeps P.L. Travers, the Australian author of the book series that was the basis for Disney's Mary Pop

The Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico Only Exists Because of Spectre You might be surprised to learn that while Mexico has been celebrating the Day o

Celebrate Baseball Ghosts at the Team of Dreams Celebration Kevin Costner built it, and people are still coming to the middle-of-nowhere baseball diam

Renew Your Love For Chunk And Sloth At Goonies Day The seaside town of Astoria, Oregon was where the 80s classic The Goonies was filmed. Ewnt edqarter

Eeyore's Birthday Party Is a Festival of Boobs and Bands The yearly observance of Eeyore's Birthday Party in Austin, Texas seems to be less a celebrat
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