16 TV And Movie Baffling Timelines

Dear movies, please stop yaddah-yaddah-ing over temporal paradoxes.
16 TV And Movie Baffling Timelines

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Look, we get that movies don't take place in real time. They're condensed to prevent boredom comas. But because of that foreshortening, we're often left with temporal impossibilities.

This contest was inspired by a suggestion by OldManRivers, who has a finely-honed sense of the paradoxical.

GAME OF HRONES Most of season 7 apparently happens in less than three months. Cersei conceives in the third episode, after that characters travel acro
TEXAS CRACKED.COM CHAINSAW3D This sequel takes place in 2012, and Heather here is revealed to be a long lost member of LEATHERFACE'S VERNA SAWERE cann
16 TV And Movie Baffling Timelines
In Wonder Woman, Steve's sailboat covers the thousands of miles between the Aegean Sea and London in one night. The movie's explanation? We got lucky
PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL Barbossa abducts Elizabeth, and heads to Isla de Muerta with the Black Pearl, AKA the fastest sh
Forrest Gump Forrest meets John Lennon and inspires the lyrics to Imagine. No possessions? No religion too? Hard to imagine... It's easy if you try, D
The trippiest thing about Thas Show o is its timeline Eris tums 17 in May of 19763 but doesn't tum 18 until 1978.. month after graduations which puts
THE BLUES BROTHERS ...leave Lake Wazzapamani in the evening after a 10-minute concert... ...and lead dozens of cops on a 106-mile high-speed chase to
'Castic Black EITHER RAVENS IN GAME OF THRONES CAN COVER HUNDREDS OF MILES A DAY... Winterfell steros The Twins The Eyrie rssos Kiag' Dragonstone Land
GLADIATOR At the beginning of Gladiator, Maximus is wounded fighting off his captors. He's bleeding from the arm when he sets off riding from Germania
In season 6 of The Walking Dead we find out Maggie is pregnant. In season 8, she's still in early stages of the pregnancy, indicating that not a lot o
Buffy's date of birth was hard to nail down in Season 1 of BTVS. Name: Buffy Summers Birthdate: 10/24/N0 Status Sophomore G.PA. 2.N 1980 (Episode lx08
Alien: Covenant reveals that Xenomorphs were created near the beginning of the 22nd century. Which is interesting considering the fact that they were
16 TV And Movie Baffling Timelines
In Toy Story 3, it's this dark out when the main characters arrive at the dump. Yet it's this light out when they are rescued at about 5 minutes' wort
In Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indy and Sallah descend into the Well of Souls, it's night-time. All they do inside is remove the Ark and pull it up.
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