15 Rita Rudner Jokes for the Hall of Fame

‘I never know what to get my father for his birthday. I gave him a hundred dollars and said, ‘Buy yourself something that will make your life easier.’ So he went out and bought a present for my mother.’

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22 Famous Franchises' Low Points

22 Famous Franchises' Low Points

It's a sad inevitability, but pretty much all our favorite franchises jump the shark -- it's a rare instance when it doesn't happen. So with that in mind, these are the moments when our favorite showrunners and filmmakers looked at all the hours we put into them, and just flipped us the middle finger.

The thing is, we think the great Gazoo in the Flintstones gets a bad rap. Was he a ridiculous character that completely shattered the premise of the series? Yes, without a doubt. However, he also had some fun one liners and a cool space helmet. Life is all about trade offs. But shark jumping is not limited to movie franchises, even video games aren’t immune. Consider the 2005 Sonic remake when he turns evil, competes in the olympics and kisses human women. Wait, that’s basically the dream. There’s more, though!

Oh yeah, and, you know, spoilers ahead. So if you’re brave enough, scroll on down and pin point the exact moment when these franchises lost their magic.

Entry by jaykay

In 2005, Sega answered the question we were all asking: What would Sonic the Hedgehog be like if he wasn't fun anymore and also murdered things? Shado

Entry by milito

PARANORMAL ACTIVITy was a decent horrorlthriller when it came out. By not showing much to the audience in terms of monsters, it managed to stay subtle

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