20 Bizarre Scenes That Were Left Out Of Famous Movies

The difference between Boromir the Jerk and Boromir the Pretty-OK-Guy? One little scene with his crazy dad.
20 Bizarre Scenes That Were Left Out Of Famous Movies

We really can't praise film editors enough. Really, winning the Academy Award for Best Film Editing should be the highest honor you can achieve in Hollywood.

Why? Well, we teamed up with super image editor AuntieMeme to show you some movies that would've been a lot stranger had it not for someone sitting in a dark room, watching the film before anyone else, and saying, "Yeah, no, this shit needs to go."

20 Bizarre Scenes That Were Left Out Of Famous Movies
In Pretty Woman, Vivian is a prostitute, reformed by love. And in the original script, she was also a drug addict. In one scene, Edward asks Vivian wh
Ever wonder how Ferris Bueller paid for his day off? He was nearly a thief. In FERRIS a scene that never made You saork so bard 1'11 bet you don't it
Let's just say it Hancock is kind of a super dick. And the movie almost showed how super his dick is. In a scene that didn't make the theatrical relea
20 Bizarre Scenes That Were Left Out Of Famous Movies
There was something almost serene about Donnie Darko's death. An alternate ending shows him impaled on a post. If you know the film, you know Donnie D
In Lord of the Rings, Boromir tries to take the One Ring. But his father specifically sent him to do just that. Because of that action, Boromir comes
Revenge of the Sith shows more of the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan. And it almost showed them using baseball signals to communicate. When t
Ever wonder why Terminatorsl have an Austrian accent? The series nearly answered that question. In a deleted scene from Terminator. 3, military leader
Dr Strangelove was a darkly funny political satire. But it was almost a ound-footage film by aliens. An early draft of the script had an opening seque
Who Framed Roger Rabbit had some dark scenes. But it was nearly a lot more disturbing. In a deleted scene, Dr. Doom exiles Eddie to Toon Town. Upon hi
In Jurassic Park, Dr. Hammond is naive, but welHintentioned. But he was originally a mad scientist. In a deleted scene, Dr. Grant confronts Hammond ab
The adults in Home Alone seem nice, ifabsentminded. But Kevin almost had a perverted uncle. In deleted a scene, Kevin's uncle Frank decides it's the h
20 Bizarre Scenes That Were Left Out Of Famous Movies
The Godfather was fairly faithful to the book. Except when it came to Sonny Corleone's dick. Author Mario Puzo peppered his novel with references to S
The Terminatorfranchise dabbles in temporal paradoxes. And Terminator 2 nearly screwed up the timeline. An alternate ending from the Special Edition s
Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd were great, iIn Ghostbusters. But they originally had double-roles in the movie. In a deleted scene between action sequenc
Marty McFly is just an all around great guY. Except for that pesky homophobia. A deleted scene from Back to the Future has Marty fretting over the tas
In Bruce AImighty, JIM Carrey gains godly powers. And originally uses them to maim his rival. In a deleted scene, Bruce first causes anchorman Evan Ba
Clerks' oftthe-cuff style made it a cult classic. PLAN -OPLIFT US KNOW THAKS But it nearly ended in violence and death. The movie, which at its most s

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