24 Creepy Places You Can Visit

If Disneyland isn't your cup of tea, you can always try these amazing places!
24 Creepy Places You Can Visit

So you saved up a whole bunch of cash so you can go on the most ballin' vacation ever. But where to? Well, quite frankly, you really shouldn't take our advice. We'd be failing you if we didn't recommend blowing all that hard-earned money on visiting one of these horrifying amazing places.

So take a look at this totally creepy beautiful travel guide AuntieMeme put together and start planning your hellish demise incredible vacation today!

24 Creepy Places You Can Visit
Have you seen the doll collection at Isgla de las Minecag? They're hanging from the trees. The legend goes that a small girl drowned in the canals nea
Pet lover? You might be tempted to visit Anderlecht Veterinary Surgical School. It closed in 1990, but the buildings still stand. Don't. Unless you li
Aokigahara ForEST is quiet as the grave. It's one of the darkest forests in the world, and because of its lack of light and proximity to Mt. Fuji, it'
If vou're an avid birder, you should visit Jatinga. It's where birds go to commit suicide. For the past 100 years, birds have plunged to their deaths
When in Japan, visit Takakonuma Greenland Amusement Park. It closed in 1975, and again in 1999. Good luck finding Takakonuma. It's not on any official
Prague's Old Jewigh Cemetery is a popular spot. There are 12 layers of bodies buried there. Dating from 1478, Jewish people in Prague wererf't allowed
Pripvat is a city in Ukraine with a full-sized amusement park. It's been decaying since the nuclear incident at Chernobyl. The city is located in what
The Kuku-Kuku people of Papua have a unique burial ritual. They smoke their dead over a fire. As the bodies are being smoked, relatives will stab them
Explorerg dug Scott's Hut out of the snow in the '50s. It was buried in the Antarctic for 40 years. It was the base camp for explorer Robert Scott, wh
There's a ship graveyard in Muynak, Uzbekistan. It's in the middle of a desert. Muynak was once a bustling fishing port by the Aral Sea, but the Sovie
Shopping in Togo? Be gure to visit Lome's Voodoo Market. It's your one-stop spot for all your animal skull needs. In Western African Voodoo, it's beli
Every vear climbers pay thousands to climl) Mt. Everest. On the way, they'll pass the bodies of people who didn't make it. More than 200 people have d
Sedlec Osguary seems like a nice place to worship. JaHaJEelet Especially if you like being surrounded by human remains. It's a Czech chapel decorated
Chuuk Lagoon is a great place to scula dive. Especially if you like swimming with corpses. In 1944, the U.S. Navy launched an attack on the Japanese t
Ever wanted to visit a deserted island? Try Gunkanjima. It's full of crumbling skyscrapers. It's an abandoned Japanese coal mining facility that serve
If you're a fan of zomlie flicks, you'll love Herxheim. It's a mass grave of corpses with human bite marks. Herxheim was mysteriously abandoned about
China's Fengdu is known as the C'ity of Ghosts. It's more like the city of graphic torture. It was originally a cemetary that was washed away by the
Ogorezan, Japan, is venerated for its mystical powers. Also, it has toxic rivers and is infested with vipers. Osorezan, literally Fear Mountain, is ac
Pigeons love Creedmoor asvlum- particularly Building 25. Specifically, they love to poop there. Although Building 25 is abandoned, some parts of the N
Actu Tunichil Muknal is an important archaelogical site. It's filled with the bones of murdered children. It's thought that the tiny skeletons litteri
El Conchalito beach has a litter problem. It's littered with human skeletons. Residents started noticing half-buried skeletons on the Mexico beach bac
Fort Alexander in St. Petersburg is known as the Plague Fort. It was the site of some horrifying science. In the late 19th century, this brick and iro

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