16 Actors Who Won't Do The Weirdest Things

It's important to communicate boundaries.
16 Actors Who Won't Do The Weirdest Things

Actors are, and we say this lovingly, weirdos. Some of our spouses and best friends are actors and boooooyyyyy howdy, do they have some stories. Moreover, writers (hi!) are weirdos, and sometimes scripts require actors to do nusto stuff. Imagine when Zoe Saldana's agent was like “hey, you gotta be blue for this movie” and she responded with “cool!” Then the Guardians of the Galaxy writer was like “we need a green person…how bout Zoe Saldana?” Then she was like “Yes!” And that's just a mild example of weirdness!

Point is, actors will do just about anything to attain (or maintain) fame. That's why, when we're lucky enough to find out about the things an actor refuses to do, we should take a moment to marvel. What happened between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt? What's Pierce Brosnan's whole… underwear thing? What's up with Robert Pattinson and dog genitals?

Here are a few things we wouldn't have thought an actor would need to specifically refuse to do:

Lindsay Lohan won't kiss Charlie Sheen. ...WOULD YOU? Actually, they were both contractually obligated to be cold sore-free when they filmed together
Kirk Cameron will only kiss his wife. FIREPROOF He wouldn't kiss his on-screen wife unless his real wife, Chelsea Noble, subbed in for this brief, sil
Isla Fisher won't simulate a handjob. WEDDING CRASHERS CRACKED COM Fisher had an entire Frankenstein's monster of body doubles for this movie -one for
Denzel Washington won't go topless. MO' BETTER BLUES AAS BKLYN YANKS CRACKEDCON Spike Lee couldn't get him to take off his undershirt because he said
Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt won't act in the same room. TWISTER LCOM CRACKEDCON Their relationship grew sO strained on set that, when they had to film
Will Smith won't kiss a dude. SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION CRACKED COM He now regrets it, calling the decision immature on my part, but he caved to pee
Nic Cage won't pretend to be ugly. SHREK Okay, he eventually clarified that he's not afraid to be ugly in a movie. But the reason he didn't pursue t
Russell Crowe won't do anything remotely lupine. WOLVERINE Crowe was given first dibs on playing Wolverine, but worried he'd be be typecast as Mr. Wo
Eminem won't leave Detroit. ELYSIUM SHEMPAIL CRACKED co Marshall Mathers has turned down a whole handful of high profile acting gigs. This one in part
Taron Egerton won't go to third base. KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE CRACKEDCON In a scene where his character, Eggsy, fingerbangs a tracking device into
Jessica Alba won't let her grandparents see her naked. CRACKED CON Lots of actors won't do nudity; that's nothing new. But Alba's stated reasoning is
Robert Pattinson won't touch a dog penis. GOOD TIME CRACKED cO In a scene where his character is supposed to crank a dog's wanker, the director and th
Mike Myers won't lip-synch to Guns N' RoSES. WAYNE'S WORLD 1 CRACKEDCON Producers wanted the iconic lip-synch scene to feature a Guns N' Roses song, b
Jim Caviezel won't look like a goober in front of God. ANGEL EYES THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO CRACKEDCON Caviezel refused to do a love scene with J Lo,
Michelle Pfeiffer won't put a bird in her mouth (again). CRACKED.cO COM Pfieffer horked up a real, live bird in Batman Returns, but in the intervening
Pierce Brosnan won't break underwear protocol. BATMAN He was tapped by Tim Burton to play the bat, but said any man who wears underpants outside his
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