15 Celebs Who Trashed Their Own Work

Ah, regrets.
15 Celebs Who Trashed Their Own Work

While we here at Cracked are known for shamelessly promoting our work whenever we get the chance because who the hell else will? However, some people would sooner forget about their creations altogether. We get it, though. If a studio took our beloved movie script titled Cracked’s History of Butts and Also Nicolas Cage and they took out all the shots of Cage’s butt, we’d be boycotting the movie instead of doing press interviews discussing the bounce factor of the Cage Butt. Whether we’d be right or wrong doesn’t matter much, but at least no one will wonder where we stand on things.

And if we were forced to sign a non-disparagement agreement after they took out all of the butts, we'd do what Nic Cage did and wear a t-shirt of that agreement while posting it on social media, too.

Here's some details about that incident and other times when celebrities spoke out negatively about their past work:

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