13 Friday The 13th Creepouts IRL

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If you happen to have paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th, we would advise you not to look at a calendar today. Although statistically bad things aren't more likely to happen on Friday the 13th, it's a common superstition. And here's the thing about superstitions: they have a way of perpetuating themselves. You know, in your rational, intellectual, cognitively fully-functioning brain, that nothing bad's going to happen on Friday the 13th. But really? Do you actually know that? Are you sure you're right about that? Are you sure we, the entire Cracked writing staff, isn't calling from inside the house on Friday the 13th?!

Just kidding! We're a bunch of comedy nerds, we wouldn't even how to get into your house gave us keys and asked us to feed your suspiciously Pet Semetary- looking pets. But like we said, superstitions perpetuate themselves, and we're here to do…well, whatever the opposite of helping is. We'll keep Friday the 13th fears spreading by telling you about 13 terrible things that happened to occur on this unlucky day of week and date combo.

13 Friday The 13th Creepouts IRL
Source: BBC

13 Friday The 13th Creepouts IRL
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