20 Iconic TV And Movie Locations (Ruined By Fans)

20 Iconic TV And Movie Locations (Ruined By Fans)

Can you believe that some people are so obsessed with their favorite TV shows and movies that they have to go and ruin the filming locations? Actually, that sounds about right. Believe it or not, some of your favorite spots from your favorite films and TV shows have been overrun by fans who just can't keep their act together. Check out these fifteen examples to see what we mean. Spoiler alert: it's not pretty.

Unfortunately for us locals, these people have started ruining some of our favorite TV and movie locations. 

Fans can't be trusted with the little remnants of their beloved fictitious universes that survive in the actual world.

The popularity of a horror film, like clockwork, nearly invariably results in real-life horrors for those who live in its actual or fictional setting. However, no genre or species is immune to the curse: anything from grain to coral has been destroyed in the name of a good selfie.

Here are some well-known places that have become... unrecognizable:

20 Iconic TV And Movie Locations (Ruined By Fans)

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