21 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Before They Had A Chance

Maybe we shouldn’t let the Game of Thrones guys make TV for a little while.
21 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Before They Had A Chance

There’s nothing we love more than writing about TV. Except maybe, writing about really, really terrible TV. The thing is, there’s good tv, there’s so-bad-it’s-good tv, and then there’s just plain awful television. 

The fact is, A lot of hard work goes into developing an awful TV show. Think of all the writers, actors, and network execs who have to look at a human trafficking comedy, a reality show that endangers animals, or a television show about a mobile app and say "This is fine!" Frankly, even those might have been fine. We kind of draw the line at con-men sperm donors and rotting bodies inside of funeral homes though. We’ve got enough of those kinds of problems in our personal lives.

To be fair, they're not all turds, but the winners are even more infuriating. We could have had a '70s-style game show hosted by Fred Willard!

Here's a whole new batch of TV shows that never quite made it to air:

Misconceptions 5.75 3.001 A sperm donor lied about his genetic credentials; his bio daughter becomes smitten anyway, to the absolute and justified hor
The Cheetah Girls A Disney show, based on a band, based on a movie, based on a YA book series, nudged aside because Raven-Symone was busy with That's
The Mayor People in 2003, adorably, thought political corruption was a source of comedy. This Happy Madison show was about an 18-year-old goofball bec
Good Grief Lifetime A 2014 reality show about a family-owned funeral home that was scrapped when 8 rotting bodies were discovered by the landlord, and
Liza and David A VH1 suit cancelled this 2002 reality show when Liza Minnelli insisted on singing with Ray Charles instead of Michelle Branch at her o
The Robert Taylor Show A 1963 drama based on real stories from the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare's official files. The network rea
The IT Crowd 5.75 3.001 We almost had a US version featuring Joel McHale. But it was postponed, and McHale jumped ship for Community before they got t
What The Blank! ENNIS MICHA EAVER LAND This remake of Match Game from the '70s, hosted by Fred Willard, was inexplicably dropped by 3 different networ
Bastards A Richard Gere vehicle about Vietnam vets that was scrapped because 2019 was a bad time for a tone of vigilante justice.
Heavens To Betsy 3.001 Dolly Parton is dead country singer who has to fix some family she doesn't know in order to get into Heaven. They later reused
Bridge and Tunnel 5.75 3.001 If Jersey Shore took place on Staten Island. It was cancelled in 2010 because MTV thought it was ripping itself off too h
Escaping the KKK A 2017 A&E docuseries about - you guessed it escaping the KKK. It was cancelled when it came out that production of the show helped -
Domestic Goddess A 2003 cooking show that ground to a halt when host Roseanne Barr needed an emergency hysterectomy.
Friend Me 5.75 3.001 A hearted 2013 CBS sitcom starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse, it was shelved due to the co-creator's tragic suicide.
Day One A 2010 sci-fi drama about about apartment dwellers who survived a mysterious apocalypse. It was slowly demoted from series to mini-series, to
Heads Up! Cat 00:47 We'd hereby like to thank HLN for never airing the 65 episodes they shot of... people just playing a popular mobile app?
Confederate 5.75 3.001 The guys who ruined Game of Thrones sold Confederate fan fiction to HBO in 2017. It was dropped after a mere 3 years of public
AI My Babies' Mamas 5.75 3.001 A 2013 reality show that followed rapper Shawty Lo, who had 11 kids by 10 women.
Murder Police 5.75 3.001 200 Family Guy does a cop show, starring Jane Lynch.
Mail Order Family MAIL ORDEF FAMILY A widower orders 3.001 a mail-order bride from the Philippines. Human trafficking victim advocates had to remind N
Thick and Thin A 2006 sitcom about a once- once-overweight woman struggling to maintain her new lifestyle.
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