Simple Software Screw-Ups That Had A Major Cultural Impact

It's not a bug, it's a cultural touchstone.
Simple Software Screw-Ups That Had A Major Cultural Impact
If necessity is the mother of invention, then oversight is the grandmother who feeds it until it's too big to control.

Some bugs and glitches grow so large that they develop their own utility. They may become the best part of a franchise, a genre-defining gaming mechanism, or even a case study for epidemiology and terrorism:
A World of Warcraft glitch became an academic model for epidemics. Corrupted yekeeper Nox Blood hded Minds> vnrte Dominat Deals 263 to 337 damage ever
Grand Theft Auto exists because of a glitch in a boring racing game. GTA'S predecessor, a pretty tame racing game called Race'n'Chase, was buggy as he
The first Minecraft creeper was just a pig with a typo. Someone was trying to hand-code a pig, inverted the height and length measurements, and accide
You were never supposed to be able to customize your Myspace profile. Greenlake View My: Pics Contacting Send Message Add to Frends /Call Add to Group
Street Fighter I devs thought combos were too hard to pull off purposefully. 00100 ITU 40 ITTITS A bug in the car bonus stage let players perform mult
Gmail's Unsend feature was a cover for a laggy service. To I Message sent. Undo View message It actually takes Gmail about five seconds to send an e
Video game difficulty curves exists because Space Invaders was too big for its britches. SPACE AIYO SCORE WIE INVADERS Or, more accurately, its proce
The Konami Code was a shortcut for a developer who sucked at his own game. Gradius is, admittedly, hard as hell. A dev coded himself the ability to in
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