The Dr. Seuss Antifa Cartoons You've Probably Never Seen

Weird, America First was problematic in the 1940's too?
The Dr. Seuss Antifa Cartoons You've Probably Never Seen
Dr. Seuss covered a lot of ground in his career: wockets... pockets... the wockets that live inside of those pockets. He also found time to draw over 400 political cartoons for PM, a daily New York City newspaper, over the course of 2 years.

It's a little jarring to see your favorite characters making cameos in some of his work. More jarring still is how his depictions of an America attempting to bury its head in the sand are more relevant than ever.
Isolationist Whale, the Charles Lindbergh stan. The Isolationist Said a whale, There is so much commotion, Such fights among fish in the ocean, I'm s
Stupid hats and willful ignorance go together like green eggs and ham. GET YOUR OSTRICH BONNET HERE RELIEVES HITLER HEADACHE 0o FORGET THE TERRIBLE N
Great Britain scrambling to weaponize India against Japan- A Chance to Fight for His OWN Freedom INDA ERIPPS Drseuss Just for fun, here's Horton in ha
The 'America first movement as a cheerful vehicle for nazis and fascists. Relatives? Naw... Just three fellers going along for the ride!' AMERICA FI
Hitler's Cow, The Bovine Nazipede The CONSOLIDATED head eats ... WORLD DAIRY .the rest gets milked A.HITLER, Prop. ROMANIA GREECE SLAVIA BELGIUM HOLLA
The unholy alliance of two fundamentally opposed ideologies Cliberal democracy and fascism). THE GREAT U.S. SIDE SHOW 4 FIRST AMERICA And this platfo
A scathing rebuke of reluctant wartime producers. You Can't Build A Substantial V Out of Turtles! DAWDLING PRODUCERS Draseve Incidentally, Geisel has
Mussolini as a petulant child about to get My Girl'd. Try and Pull the Wings Off These Butterflies, Benito! ITALY ITABLE A7NU OF. tHE INVASION CROATIA
Non-interventionism as a convenient excuse to allow atrocities to happen to foreigners. ...and the Wolf chewed up the children and spit out their bo
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