15 Famous People With Impressive Parenting Skills

Sometimes famous people do a thing exactly right.
15 Famous People With Impressive Parenting Skills

We give celebrities a pretty hard time around here sometimes. We can't turn a blind eye to all their ding-dong gaffs and silly pronouncements and terrible endorsements. Like, c’mon guys, think at little before you tweet/speak/IG whatever.

That said, we like to give credit where it’s due. Raising miniatures versions of oneself has always been the hardest job in the world. YouTube may have replaced Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo as the go-to babysitter until that second cup of Saturday morning coffee kicks in, but parents today are as challenged as ever to screw up their creations as little as possible before sending them off into the world.

Add the pressure of the celebrity spotlight into the recipe and the end product can go from banana bread to bologna cake in an instant. We've shown you some pretty baffling celebrity parenting moments before. So we found a few awesome ones to balance our bakery case:

Chris Hemsworth makes one hell of a birthday cake. When plans for a bakery cake for his daughter's birthday fell through, the Avengers star put down h
Kristen Bell uses storytime to teach her daughters about consent. She may be a Disney princess herself, but the actress makes sure she discusses fairy
Katherine Heigl quit Grey's Anatomy to be a mom. The actress considered returning to the top-rated show after initial bonding time with her new daught
Jeremy Renner shuns macho stereotypes to be the ultimate dad. The action star's Instagram page is filled with daddy-daughter moments that include gard
Megan Fox lets her son design clothes for her. Her fashion-foward son Noah loves designing. He will accompany her to fittings and offer feedback like,
Family is the real reason Dave Chapelle walked away from his hit show. When Chapelle left Comedy Central, people speculated that it was due to everyth
Cary Grant took daddy duty to another level. Not only did the screen legend retire to devote his life to raising his daughter Jennifer, but he created
David Beckham lets his kids draw on him with really permanent marker. He sports several tattoos designed by his children, including the best stick fig
Garth Brooks' family is a textbook case of shared parenting done right. Not only did he, wife Trisha Yearwood, and first wife Sandy Mahl all take time
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively rule at teaching girl power. One way they teach their daughters about confidence and strength is to avoid using the wor
Rick Moranis gave up stardom to be a stay-at-home dad. When his wife passed away, Moranis decided to choose raising his children over Hollywood fame.
15 Famous People With Impressive Parenting Skills
Channing Tatum skipped the 2018 Oscar awards to stay home with his daughter. Then-wife Jenna Dewan said he was happy to be spending the night with the
J.R.R. Tolkien wrote his children letters from Santa for 23 years. Dear-Jiln. - henrb 1020 S lloe In the letters, which were presented in sealed envel
One celebrity family wins Halloween every year. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have been nailing themed costumes with their children Gideon and
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