15 Characters (Secretly) Modeled After Celebs

Building a character? No problem, just copy a famous person.
15 Characters (Secretly) Modeled After Celebs

Artistic inspiration is magic, right? The Muse shows up with her magical idea stick, knocks a creator on the head, and boom, you get amazing pop culture. (Disclaimer: We don't actually create things, here at Cracked.)

But no -- it turns out that a ton of characters are just carbon copies of celebrities. And once you know what to look for, you'll realize how incredibly unsubtle they are about it.

For example:

The Clone Wars'K2-B4 is a nod to Kobe Bryant. Animators designed the droid to honor Bryant, who JAKER wore the number 24 on his purple and yellow Lake
George Costanza is basically Larry David. Jason Alexander said he didn't know it was David's alter ego until he told the writer after a table read,
Fred MacMurray lent his cleft chin to Shazam! Creator C.C. Beck said that the hero (first known as Captain Marvel) was based on the actor, whom he cal
Rugrat Chuckie Finster got his signature good looks from Devo singer Mark Mothersbaugh. The creators took inspiration from Mothersbaugh when they visi
Six-year-old Eloise was inspired by Liza Minnelli. Kay Thompson, who authored the books about a little girl trying to entertain herself in a fancy hot
Star Trek's Pavel Chekov was created to be a space Monkee. Walter Koenig said he wore a wig to look like Davy Jones so the studio could capitalize off
John Constantine was modeled after The Police's Sting. Writer Alan Moore stated that the hero only exists because Swamp Thing artists John Totleben
Stan Lee based J. Jonah Jameson on himself. By J. J Lee admitted to modeling the fiery publisher after himself, if I were a grumpy, irritable man, wh
Miss Piggy is based on singer Peggy Lee. The independent Muppet diva was originally named Miss Piggy Lee, but was changed SO as to not upset the real
Uncharted's Nathan Drake was (originally) styled after Johnny Knoxville. EOR ONE Game animators initially based the explorer's looks on the intrepid J
Aladdin was modeled after Tom Cruise. Animator Glen Keane originally envisioned the Disney hero looking like Michael J. Fox, but went with Cruise when
E.T. was a mixture of several faces. Steven Spielberg found inspiration for the wise alien visitor in portraits of Albert Einstein, Carl Sandburg, and
American Dad's Roger is a tribute to Paul Lynde. Seth MacFarlane based the campy and belittling alien's voice on the star, best-known for his, well, c
Bugs Bunny is Clark Gable with long ears. Animator Chuck Jones said Gable's calm and cool demeanor in It Happened One Night inspired the wascally wabb
John Belushi was the inspiration behind Slimer. Belushi and Dan Akroyd conceived Ghostbusters before the actor passed away. When the film got off the
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