Next-Gen Prototypes That Need To Become Reality, Like Now

The future’s here; it just hasn't reached its crowdfunding goal yet.
Next-Gen Prototypes That Need To Become Reality, Like Now

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We're living in the age of crowdfunding, when literally any wild invention can become reality, with enough backers. Because of that, inventors are creating breathtaking prototypes at a rate that's impossible to keep up with. So we took it upon ourselves to dig up prototypes for amazing inventions that haven't become reality, but should.

This contest was suggested by Bakudai, who lies awake nights yearning for a transparent toaster.

Next-Gen Prototypes That Need To Become Reality, Like Now
The Transparent Toaster is a prototype that was featured on a maker website called Inventables. The glass panels are cool to the touch, and make it ea
Simultaneously charging and using the Naga Solar Headset while you walk, run, cycle, etc, will help save the environment. NAGA Solar Headset The wirel
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Next-Gen Prototypes That Need To Become Reality, Like Now
Arsenal is an artificial intelligence photo-taking assistant. With it, you don't have to worry about lighting and exposure - it determines the optimal
Here's the iMicro C, a phone-compatible fingertip microscope. 200um An insect leg seen through the microscope It works with any phone, and lets the re
PHAM is a coffee filter that reduces the acidity of coffee without changing the taste. It was designed by a group of engineering students and was a fi
CRACKEDCON The Whistler Windbreaker is a compact, waterproof, and windproof jacket. And the cool part? It has self-healing technology. You can repair
CRACKEDCO With SwitchBot Curtain, you can remote-control the curtains you have. It works with voice control, and can make your curtains close at sunse
Want to soothe your eye strain? The Rio massager can help. It's a water-propelled eye massager that gently vibrates on the muscles around your eyes an
2019 Global Lighthouse Summit RoboBin ParamountAl Redeteg ORGANIC RECYCLE GARBACE ma 5 Canadian university students have created a smart bin that will
Boaz One is the only guitar you'll ever need. It is a modular guitar that allows you to detach and plug in parts or guitar styles. That's right, you c
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