18 Dumb Costume Choices In Famous Movies & Shows

18 Dumb Costume Choices In Famous Movies & Shows

One of the most enjoyable aspects of seeing a new film is taking in the sets and costumes. However, not all actors' wardrobes are made equal, and it's occasionally just as entertaining to watch a character who is outfitted as it is to observe a character who has an Anna Wintour-approved wardrobe. Their lousy fashion sense gets ingrained in their character, making them lovable, eccentric, or blind to public judgment.

There's an entire award category dedicated to the stuff people wear in movies and on TV shows. By now you'd think costume designers would know what they were doing. Unfortunately, characters still turn up onscreen in completely ridiculous getups. So rs1 came up with the idea to ask readers to show us obnoxious examples of onscreen getups that are illogical, ill-fitting, impractical, or just plain wrong for their setting.

We really couldn't believe some of these…The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

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