Villains have to go into the office just like everyone else. They may not bitch about the boss (that's for the henchmen) or look at adorable pictures of kittens just to get through the day (not without making themselves hungry). But one thing they can't escape is an inbox that seems to fill up as quickly as they hit delete.

We asked you to take us inside the inboxes of some of our most beloved fictional villains. The winner is below, but first the runners up.

Entry by Billy Goat

CRACKED.cOM Inbox Upgrade td View: All Messages Messages 1-25 of 414 Delete Spam Mark Move... From Subject Dalek 142 Re: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTER

Entry by johlin

PHRAHKEDCOI Web more fava beans_and_chianti@gmail Show Search ootions Mail Create a filter News: Entertainment News -Rihanna Lving Low After Leaving B

Entry by SonnyGideon

Delete junk Mark as Move to welcome, Sort by Mills. David RE :DETECTIVE!!!!!!!!!! Fed Ex online Your package has been dispatc

Entry by Damascus

otos Readet Web more dr _horrible667@gma Settings Old Show b ontions Search Mail Search the Web Create er com Need experience? We can help. Show Ameri

Entry by johlin

Magneto@maileom Search Mail New E ive Rsport 600 M 20 AlL None Red U D Charles faver im senono tes om Cerebrol Charies avier GUSS what. Er I nt even u

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