If Famous Websites Had Real-World Locations


It sounds crazy, but once upon a time when you wanted to buy books or music or pornography, you had to leave the house. There were actual physical locations that sold those things, staffed by people.

We asked you to think about what it would be like if we still lived in those dark ages, and to imagine your favorite websites replaced by brick-and-mortar locations. The winner took home $50. Their photoshop is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by wavedout


Entry by mrlarry

If Famous Websites Had Real-World Locations

Entry by micusficus

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Entry by Hungadunga

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Entry by Games4me

CRACKED.coM eaue.

There are FOUR contests for you to choose from, the three standard photoplasties, and a fourth that requires a little writing. Click on the prompt that catches your fancy, and post your entry in the thread, or submit to all four and quadruple your chances of becoming rich and famous. Winner gets 5,000 pennies.

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