Aw, but we loved them, those charismatic little cuties. They made great work, and had fun, quirky little stories for the late night shows. Their all around chill demeanor was infectious, but oh no… The coin completely flipped, and we saw that seedy underbelly. Was it all just an act? Lookin’ at you, Corden. Or are they the lovable sweeties we always thought they were, who just cracked under the pressure of stardom? The former really sucks. 

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We all know the entertainment industry is overall pretty fake, so for a celebrity to manufacture a cool personality to hawk a product is the ultimate betrayal. One-time outbursts are a little more forgivable (unless you physically accost a beloved comedian on the industry’s biggest stage). Lookin’ at you, William. The problem with a one-time outburst (or heinous crime) is that even if we can forgive, we’ll never forget. That darkness is out of the bag, and you can smile in interviews all you want, but we’ll know what’s behind it. The curtain was peeled back, and one way or another, these 13 once chill celebrities went on to completely lose their shit.

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