13 Productions and Product Endorsements That Were Pretty Much Just an Excuse to Party

13 Productions and Product Endorsements That Were Pretty Much Just an Excuse to Party

Imagine for a moment that you’re already a big enough influence in Hollywood that even your thoughts of partying it up with your pals gets the green light. Or another fun little dream scenario… You love Tequila. Like, a lot. You love it as much as one silver fox celebrity who drank 1,000 bottles per year. So like him, you start your own tequila company, and it makes a billion dollars. Okay, now the jealousy is kicking in, and we’re actually starting to hate these lucky devils.

Envy aside, on top of the self-gratification, these projects are actually pretty genius, because we do love watching people having a good time. The podcast industry’s meteoric rise is proof enough that we just love listening to people have a good time. Throw some famous faces and boozy beverages in the mix, and you’ve got yourself a hit. Whether the party planning was the catalyst, or everyone involved just happened to get into party mode, these 13 productions and endorsements were pretty much one big ol’ excuse to boogie down. 

And people get all “concerned” when we day-drink. Pfft.

CRACKED SETH GOES DAY DRINKING In this segment of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth and guests actually get pretty drunk. For the first segment, he drank with his brother and father, and he once did multiple tequila shots and chugged beers with Rihanna.


CRACKED GROWN UPS & GROWN UPS 2 FOOTBALL ATHLETIC DEPT Coke As Adam Sandler's brainchild, these movies are literally family vacations for him and comedian pals Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider. They're panned by critics, but together raked in roughly $550 million.

Look, I want a ton of vodka. Just not all those pesky additives.

CRACKED DAN AYKROYD'S CRYSTAL VODKA Не and artist John Alexander conceived and founded this Canadian vodka brand in 2008 because of the lack of additive-free vodkas on the market, and (like Indiana Jones) they had a fascination with pre-Columbian mesoamerican quartz skulls.

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What did you expect from a college party movie with John Belushi?

CRACKED NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE. The production brought the Delta Tau brothers up to the University of Oregon 5 days before shooting to bond. They hit up a real frat party that involved hard drugs, a massive brawl, and they stole a piano.


A clear excuse to sip coffee and shoot the shit with some of his best friends.

CRACKED COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE In Ellen's episode she tells Seinfeld that he could be a talk show host, and he replies, I can't do it. I can't talk to people I'm not interested in. She says, You could do like 6 a year and he replies, That's what I'm doing!

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Just call it “method acting.”

CRACKED DAZED & CONFUSED YEB While staying in a hotel together for months, the cast regularly smoked and drank beer in the lobby till the sun came up, and had crazy hook-ups. Sasha Jenson said, Hey, we're supposed to look like we're so damned tired and stoned and drunk anyway.


Reality star hawks low-cal booze. Only in ‘Merica, baby!

CRACKED BETHENNY FRANKEL'S SKINNYGIRL. gru Sangru ngria Skinnyout Geogrio Skinny Sangr The Real Housewives of NYC star didn't want to give up her high-calorie margaritas, so she created a healthier pre-mixed alternative. She then sold the cocktail line to Beam Global for $120 million.

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Bob Dylan has sipped them all.

CRACKED BOB DYLAN'S WHISKEY HEAVEN'S DOOR. HEAVEN'S DOOR Не actually co-created the whiskey itself, saying, We wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story. I've been traveling for decades, and I've been able to try some of the best spirits that the world of whiskey has to offer.


Sure, we guess Drinking Buddies could’ve used non-alcoholic beer.

CRACKED DRINKING BUDDIES Anna Kendrick said, I was pounding beer, and I didn't realize it was real. I was like, I'm super drunk right now! Olivia Wilde told her, Oh, we forgot to tell you the beer's all real and everyone's drunk. It's 10 AM, welcome to Drinking Buddies.

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Good on those boys. Skating while drunk is incredibly hard.

CRACKED SLAP SHOT - sa - allmark do HE د While making the '70s hockey movie, drinking contests were common, and Newman downed entire cases. I drank more beer on that shoot than I had in my entire life until that shoot, recalled castmate Allan Nicholls.


What a way to kick off the ‘80s.

CRACKED CADDYSHACK 18 Booze and cocaine flooded the set, and Bill Murray was once found passed out in a sand trap. Chevy Chase said, It was pretty nuts on that set. At night, we would race golf carts down the fairways, with people whacked out having a good time.


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