Become A Hollywood Hotshot With This Affordable Course

Become A Hollywood Hotshot With This Affordable Course

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It might feel like a Herculean task to make your student demo reel stand out in the current landscape of big-budget superhero films. (Note: "Herculean Task" would make a great big-budget superhero film for you to stand out with.) But don't let that quash your dreams of breaking into Hollywood. Talent shines above all, and if you can learn your way around a camera and stomach taking directions from temperamental prima donnas, then eventually you will squirm your way into a director's chair with your name on it. To get your video skills to the point where Hollywood execs might stop and take notice, we are offering you a complete Videography Bootcamp in our store. All of the following offers can be found at that link. Here's what you'll be learning:

Video Editing

Much like how even the best cuts of meat need to be cooked before anyone wants to eat them (except for Steak Tartare, but bleh, what are you, a wolf?), your video projects will need to be edited before anyone will want to watch them. Thankfully, editing no longer needs to be done with a razor blade and a splicing block. This course kicks off with an overview of Adobe Premiere's most important features for managing clips, adding titles, and color correction.

DSLR Videography

Digital sensor tech has gotten good enough to let you shoot brilliant HD footage with a consumer-grade camera. But whether you have a $30,000 DSLR or you're shooting on a mere $2,000 one, capturing beautiful moving images isn't as simple as pressing the little red button. Good camerawork takes handling manual controls, composing well-framed shots, balancing the lighting, and yes, remembering to press the little red button. This course offers four hours of practical lessons that'll take you from an Ed Wood to a David Lynch with comparatively minimal psychological trauma.


Knowing how a camera works is great, but being a walking encyclopedia of DSLR facts only makes you qualified enough to write a technical manual. And you don't want to write manuals. You want to be a filmmaker, baby! But there are all sorts of questions you have to consider as a professional filmmaker. "Should I shoot from above or below?" "Can the lighting be better?" "How do I get Tom Cruise to appear taller than a Hobbit?" In the Cinematography Masterclass, you'll get caught in the weeds weighing the benefits of film stock and digital lighting kits, understand camera movement with dollies and tripods, and more.

Web Video

Internet connections have gotten fast enough to let dummies with smartphones broadcast their lives to the masses. Some of these dummies are so good at it that they become very rich dummies. What makes one person's petty rant or ASMR video stand out from all the rest? The answer is creating a polished product. Throughout the Introduction to Camtasia, Final Cut Pro X & Wirecast for Live Streaming course, you'll learn how to produce video tutorials, online courses, and screen captures. Most importantly, you'll learn how to create a product that generates clicks, even if that product is a channel rating cat food by how much gas it gives your pets

Drone Videography

Drones can be used for more than sketchy neighborhood spying. They have become a revelation in shooting dazzling aerial footage for serious and amateur filmmakers alike. But there are a few things you need to know before you start catapulting expensive camera robots into the sky. After finishing this section on drone video production, you'll learn how to buy the right quadcopter, have the piloting skills to not crash horribly, and understand all of the FAA guidelines for privately operating UAVs. Sorry, Call Of Duty fans, but kill streaks won't help you here.

Feature Filmmaking

While some people aspire to be fabulously wealthy music video directors, other sensitive souls have a higher calling for innovative and inspiring cinema. But you can't just magically pull a 12 Angry Men or Shawshank Redemption out of your golden butt without knowing a bit about the business. If your ultimate dream is getting snubbed at the Oscars by an artistically inferior but immensely more popular movie, this filmmaking course is just the ticket. You'll discover how to shoot and market your films, work with actors, and be effective in post-production.

Action Cameras

Anyone with two legs and nothing to live for can strap a lens to their forehead and barrel down a mountain at full speed. Heck, an energy drink will probably sponsor you for it. But making that entire experience semi-watchable takes a certain familiarity with the form of action videos. For hardcore snowboarders, big-wave surfers, and other adherents of recklessness, this bundle features a concise introduction to shooting with a GoPro. You'll get familiar with all of your device's controls and settings, as well as a quick lesson in video editing.

Green Screen

Chroma key techniques (or more popularly known as "working with a green screen") might seem like the type of technology relegated to premiere productions and network late-night shows. In actuality, anyone can set up his or her own green screen on the cheap, and even create backgrounds that'll make public access television blush with shame. The Complete Green Screen Video Editing For Beginners & Pros course will show you how to polish, crop, color correct, and size your backgrounds so that your homemade talking head segments don't involve literal floating talking heads.

You can get all eight courses in the Videography Bootcamp for 97 percent off the usual price, just $39.

We're sure your fan fiction is great. But you'll never have Hollywood knocking your down if you don't know what you're doing. Remember that before you write that historical/sci-fi mashup featuring Gnarly Chaplin as Logan Scissorhands.

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