15 Satisfying (and Devastating) Sitcom Character Arcs

15 Satisfying (and Devastating) Sitcom Character Arcs

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These shows had season after season of chances to sprinkle in a character’s growth, and some really nailed it. Others kept banging out the same personality traits we initially fell in love with, and it got tiresome (and downright annoying). Sometimes the characters got worse over time, or we were led to believe they were maturing, then boom! It was all washed away in one completely insane episode.

The scary part is that it's out of our hands. We invest our time and emotions, then just have to sit back and hope a room full of strangers do these characters justice. Alexis Rose of Schitt’s Creek had a legitimate coming-of-age arc that was incredibly satisfying, but surprisingly, Andy Bernard from The Office got more annoying, and just straight up mean to Erin for no reason. Here are those and 13 other satisfying and/or devastating sitcom character arcs to warm and/or break that heart of yours.

Haley Dunphy - 'Modern Family' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs MODERN FAMILY SATISFYING HALEY DUNPHY as a mom?! Haley began as a self-centered, ditzy teen, but by the end of Modern Family's eleven seasons, she shoulders the responsibility of parenthood and matures while keeping that ditzy spice. CRACKED



Ryan Howard - 'The Office' - Devastating but Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs vsl ff | | пром THE OFFICE sletter I er ! As I SATISFYING DEVASTATIN RYAN HOWARD deserved his ending Ryan as a temp was a normal, unassuming guy, until a promotion lets his egomaniacal flag fly. Не snorts coke, gets arrested for fraud, and winds up working in a bowling alley with bleach blonde hair. Deserved! CRACKED



Ron Swanson - 'Parks and Recreation' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs PARKS AND RECREATION SATISFYING RON SWANSON became an even greater character! Ron kept his woodworking, scotch drinking, jazz soloing image while genuinely softening and becoming the father figure we all wanted. CRACKED


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Seymour Skinner - 'The Simpsons' - Devastating

Sitcom character arcs THE SIMPSONS DEVASTATING PRINCIPAL SKINNER was ruined in one episode. Revealing that Skinner is former bad boy Armin Tamzarian in Season 9 showed that The Simpsons could cast aside good character arcs, and has been pinpointed as the end of its golden era. CRACKED

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Alexis Rose - 'Schitt’s Creek' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs SCHITT'S CREEK SATISFYING ALEXIS went from love- to-hate, to love-to-love. Obsessed with social and financial status, Alexis ends up finishing college, starting her own business, and has a much healthier relationship with her family. CRACKED

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Michael - 'The Good Place' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs THE GOOD PLACE SATISFYING MICHAEL had a demon's redemption! Michael begins as a lovable angel, but he's actually a hateful demon. Не questions his evil ways, and his rise back to loveliness shows that anyone (even demons) can redeem themselves. CRACKED



Steve Harrington - 'Stranger Things' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs STRANGER THINGS SATISFYING J Steve STEVE went from a bit part to a lovable leader. In Season 1, Steve Harrington was just the popular, self-centered boyfriend, but his bravery and mentorship began making him a beloved part of the gang. CRACKED



Rachel Green - 'Friends' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs FRIENDS SATISFYI RACHEL was daddy's little girl who grew up. In the first season, Rachel was a spoiled rich girl who never worked a day in her life. She gained independence, worked her way up the ladder at Ralph Lauren, and became a good mom. CRACKED

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Sheldon Cooper - 'The Big Bang Theory' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs THE BIG BANG THEORY SAFISFYING SHELDON is human after all! Sheldon was a borderline alien, incapable of socializing. His maturity into a good friend and partner while remaining highly intelligent culminated in a Nobel Prize and a heartwarming acceptance speech in the finale. CRACKED

Carrie Bradshaw - 'Sex and the City' - Devastating

Sitcom character arcs SEX AND THE CITY DEVASTATING CARRIE BRADSHAW is a terrible role model. As viewers matured, they realized that Carrie was materialistic, needy with toxic men (prioritizing them over her friends), and she never matured into a strong independent role model for young women. CRACKED



Howard Hamlin - 'Better Call Saul' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs HOWARD: So satisfying that it was devastating. Howard Hamlin was a smug, deplorable antagonist, but as he begins to redeem himself, Jimmy tries to ruin his life, and we actually start feeling for Howard. So much that his death is one of the show's most tragic moments. SATISFYING BETTER CALL SAUL CRACKED

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Debbie Gallagher - 'Shameless' - Devastating

Sitcom character arcs SHAMELESS DEVASTATING DEBBIE was a nightmare! A fan told BuzzFeed, This once sweet, responsible teen ends up raping a drunk Matty, getting pregnant on purpose to force her ex into marriage, and fighting a woman while holding her baby. CRACKED



Andy Bernard - 'The Office' - Devastating

Sitcom character arcs THE OFFICE ANDY stumbled DEVASTATING at the finish line. The Nard-Dog began as an antagonist, but he grew into a lovable, welcome part of the gang. In Season 9, he reverted back to arrogance, and actually got mean for no reason - especially to Erin. CRACKED


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Robin Scherbatsky - 'How I Met Your Mother' - Devastating

Sitcom character arcs - HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER DEVASTATING ROBIN became more and more unlikable. Fans lost respect for Robin, because she began as an independent, tough woman who increasingly became insecure, superficial, and one-dimensional. CRACKED

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Jesse Katsopolis & Joey Gladstone - 'Full House' - Satisfying

Sitcom character arcs UNCLE JESSE & UNCLE JOEY matured but stayed cool. FULL HOUSE SATISFYING The rocker (Jesse) and comedian (Joey) became father figures, but never lost their edge and humor. Jesse was a great husband and father, and they adapted their talents into successful advertising business. CRACKED

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