For the same reason freshly minted supermodels keep dating Leonardo DiCaprio, everyone has wished at some point that they could own an exotic pet, even though it’s guaranteed to end badly. Like, have you ever seen a baby leopard? They’re the cutest things you’ll ever see, and that includes your own children. They even meow like domestic kittens, except better. Unfortunately, they will grow up and eat your face, which is why the law doesn’t let you bring them home and snuggle them forever.

Like all laws, though, they don’t count if you’re famous. The rich and notorious throughout history have not only been allowed to play God over a variety of dangerous wild animals, they’ve thought nothing of flaunting it, whether they’re presenting their zoo pal as an honored dinner guest or walking them through the city streets on a leash that’s more of an empty gesture than a precaution. Your common ass could never.

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