The Man Who Was Killed By His Own Beard

A 16th-century Dutch mayor named Hans Staininger had the most magnificent face full of whiskers the world had ever seen — a hirsute magnificence that ultimately proved to be his undoing

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15 Celebrity Hobbies That Don’t Get A Lot Of Coverage

15 Celebrity Hobbies That Don’t Get A Lot Of Coverage

Celebrities may only appear to do things like make a movie, spend money, record an album, spend money, plug a television show, or spend money, but they have more to their lives aside from how they appear to live when they're being interviewed for making a movie, recording an album, or plugging a television show. Like you, they have some free time to kill before they go back to work. Some of them actually have hobbies, like you or me! Others have expensively weird hobbies, unlike you or me!

Between concerts, Frank Sinatra collected toy trains like your dad or your uncle. Unlike your dad and your uncle, Kesha and Demi Lovato channel extra terrestrials through meditation. The grandfatherly Dick Van Dyke is into making 3D animation and modeling, just like your grandpa. You know, basic hobby stuff.

Here's a complete list of unique hobbies from various celebrities. Maybe you can relate to them?

Adele knits pom-poms, and even sells them through an Etsy account. I have a new hobby making pom-poms. I'm quite good at it! I am such a natural. I made a real cat on purpose, she told a concert crowd in 2017. CRACKED.COM

Source: NME

Prince Albert of Monaco was a big bobsledder (he was in the Olympics). MON ACO TOMMY KILFIGER He competed in the Olympics for over a decade, and even stayed in the olympic Village with the hoi polloi -- I think it's a must. It's part of the Olympic experience. CRACKED.COM

Source: ESPN

Prince Philip was an oil painter who painted portraits and landscapes. Some of his paintings ended up in the Royal Collection Trust, and some were in his private collection. His best known painting (above) is of Elizabeth, from 1965. CRACKED.COM

Source: ArtNet

In his spare time, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood raises chickens. In an interview with music mag Uncut, he's complained about foxes. We get foxes every few years and it all goes a bit 'crime scene' when that happens - lots of burials. CRACKED.COM

Source: NME

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