15 Unhinged Reasons Celebrities Were Given for Why They'd Never Make It

15 Unhinged Reasons Celebrities Were Given for Why They'd Never Make It

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and in Hollywood there are plenty of them. Here are 15 celebs who faced rejection early on in their careers, but eventually overcame it to become some of the most successful in the industry.

For example, Judi Dench is an Oscar-nominated actress who has been in some of the biggest films over the past few decades. She started her career back in 1957, and was quickly met with sexism. A director told her she'd never make it because of her "wrong face." Clearly, he was wrong and Judi went on to have a hugely successful career.

Or let’s take Sydney Sweeney, who is another actress having a moment right now. You may have seen her recently on shows like Euphoria and The Handmaid's Tale. But things could have gone very differently for Sydney - when she first started out trying to break into television, one casting director told her she would "never" be on TV because of how she looked. Clearly, well, that wasn't true either as Sydney has landed some major roles lately.

Boy George's career counselor suggested he work in an apple packing factory, but after five weeks it was clear this life wasn't for him.

George Alan O'Dowd, better known as Boy George, is from Eltham in south east London. George's career counselor scoffed when he suggested a career in the creative industries. After working in an apple packing factory for five weeks (per their advice), it was clear that this wasn't the life for him either. CRACKED.COM

SMH / Billboard 

People told Reese Witherspoon she wasn't tall/pretty/smart enough to make it in LA.

Reese Witherspoon came to LA with a dream and wasn't going to let anyone stop her. H People told her she wasn't tall enough, pretty enough or smart enough, she didn't care. That just made her more stubborn in achieving what she wanted. CRACKED.COM

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Salma Hayek overcame discrimination in Hollywood.

Salma Hayek says she was told her Mexican heritage would prevent her from ever making it big In Hollywood. But she fought against that discrimination and now encourages other women not to give up on their dreams. CRACKED.COM


Gisele Bündchen was told her nose was too big and eyes too small.

Gisele Bündchen has appeared in more than 350 ad campaigns, 1,200 magazine covers and 470 runway shows. But when she first began modeling in Brazil in 1995, people told her her nose was too big or her eyes were too small to be on a magazine cover. CRACKED.COM

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Winona Ryder was rejected by a casting director who told her she wasn't pretty enough to be an actress.

Winona Ryder faced some rough rejection in her early days of acting. She was told by a casting director that she wasn't pretty enough to be an actress and should go back to school. CRACKED.COM

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Sally Field's management told her she "wasn't pretty enough."

Sally Field was told by her management that she wasn't pretty enough to be a film star, when she attempted to transition out of TV roles like Gidget and The Flying Nun. Despite this, Field went on to have an incredibly successful career in film, winning an Oscar for Norma Rae. CRACKED.COM

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Winslet was told fat girl parts are all she'd get.

Kate Winslet is an Oscar-winning actress who, early on in her career, was told by a drama teacher that she should settle for the fat girl parts. SHACADEMY ETLALADLIVE t E WARDS E AWARDS ЕЕ ЕЕ BRITISH AC BRITISH ACA FILM AWARD FILM AWARD EMY E SH ACADEMY E AWARDS In reaction to this, Winslet has said that any woman who's ever been put down shouldn't listen to it and should keep going. CRACKED.COM

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Weinstein told Delevingne she wouldn't make it because of her sexuality.

Cara Delevingne is a successful bisexual actress who has been open about her relationships with both men and women. Despite this, she claims that early on in her career Harvey Weinstein told her that she wouldn't make it as an actress because of her sexuality. CRACKED.COM

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is successful and lucky because he didn't listen to the haters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one lucky guy. Not only did he have a successful acting and bodybuilding career, but he also ignored all the naysayers that said it would never happen because of his accent or name. CRACKED.COM

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You told Mark Ruffalo he wouldn't make it as an actor? Get a new job, because you were wrong!

Mark Ruffalo had a terrible audition for SUNY Purchase, with the head of the department telling him he'd never make it as an actor. If given the chance today, Ruffalo would tell that person to get a new line of work. CRACKED.COM


Ed Sheeran's former managers wanted him to change his hair color and ditch his looping pedal if he ever wanted to be a star.

Stuart Camp, Ed Sheeran's manager since 2011, recently revealed that another management company resigned from working with the singer because they didn't believe in his success. Hoa The other managers told Sheeran he needed to make some changes - like dying his hair black and ditching his looping pedal - if he ever wanted to be a star. CRACKED.COM


Millie Bobby Brown is a superstar, but could have gone very differently if she listened to one powerful casting director.

Millie Bobby Brown is an acting superstar, but things could have gone very differently. When she was only 10 years old, a powerful casting director told her that she was too mature to make it as a child actor. Luckily, Millie didn't listen and went on to star in Stranger Things when she was 12 years old. CRACKED.COM


Sydney Sweeney is killing it on TV, despite what some casting director said about her looks.

Sydney Sweeney is having a moment, appearing on some of the biggest TV shows around. This success is despite what a casting director once told her, that she would never be on TV because of her looks. CRACKED.COM


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