What If: Recasting That '70s Show Today

A 2021 look at the most iconic 90s comedy about the 70s
What If: Recasting That '70s Show Today

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One of the most popular television sitcoms among 90s kids, was weirdly, entirely set in the 70s. Not only that, but the show started the careers of such household names as Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Topher Grace. Just for fun, let's take a look at what might happen if That '70s Show was brought from the 90s into the… 20s? Are we calling it that?

COMEDYG of NERD CRACKED.COM ERIC BO BURNHAM As a fellow young man tormented by the anxiety and existentialism of someone much older, Burnham would be a great fit for Eric's shoes. Let's be honest, in an alternate universe, can't you sort of see Eric Foreman making Inside?
COMEDYC DEL NERD CRACKED.COM DONNA SASHEER ZAMATA The sardonic tone of Zamata's stand-up dovetails easily with the level-headed Donna. She also has the innate presence to command a scene the same way Laura Prepon did.
COMEDYC DEL NERD CRACKED.COM KELSO DAVE FRANCO Franco doesn't look much older than when he played a popular high school student in 21 Jump Street, and could still easily slip into the role of the dumb hunk who's impossible to stay mad at.
COMEDYC of NERD CRACKED.COM JACKIE SYDNEY SWEENEY Sydney Sweeney's role as Olivia in The White Lotus shows that she's well-equipped to play the popular, powerful girl who is acutely aware of just how much power she wields.
COMEDYG of NERD CRACKED.COM HYDE ANDREW SANTINO Cropped out of the picture above is the embroidery on his sweatshirt, which simply reads NAH. Which is basically Hyde's whole vibe. Imagine a pair of squared off tinted aviators on Santino and tell me it doesn't work.
COMEDYG DE NERD CRACKED.COM FEZ FLULA BORG Borg made his first impressions on an American audience with his videos on of common American idioms. It's basically an accidental audition for Fez.
COMEDYC of NERD CRACKED.COM KITTY MEGAN MULLALLY Mullally could perfectly nail Kitty's swings from doting mother to brief fits of insanity. Plus, she can draw on Karen from Will & Grace for Kitty's questionable relationship with alcohol.
COMEDYG DEL NERD CRACKED.COM RED BILL BURR I didn't pick Burr because of the immediate fit with red, but it doesn't hurt. Burr has the same gene for irritation that Red does, and similarly excels at calling someone a dumbass.
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