While most people think of celebrities as having perfect lives, many of them have overcome some pretty tough circumstances. In this article, we'll take a look at some celebs who had to face major challenges and still managed to come out on top. From overcoming addiction to rising above difficult family situations, these stars prove that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. So without further ado, let's dive into the stories of some amazing celebrities!

Celebrities always seem to have it all - perfect looks, amazing careers, and enviable lifestyles. But many of them have overcome some surprisingly tough circumstances in their lives. Here are a few celebs who turned their difficulties into success stories.

The rich and famous didn't always live such a cushy lifestyle. Here are 14 celebs who overcame hard times to get to stardom…

Are you looking for fun? Well, look no futher. Pull up a chair and a big bowl of popcorn, because things are just getting started…

Winona Ryder got bullied and beaten for dressing as a boy in school. When she showed up at school wearing boy clothes and a masculine haircut, they called her f****t and beat her up so bad she needed stitches. CRACKED.COM

Source: People.com

simone Biles was taken from her biological mom, and got adopted. Her mother was heavily drinking and taking a lot of drugs, so social workers took her children, including Simone, and placed them in foster care. CRACKED.COM

Source: People.com

Joaquin Phoenix grew up in a pretty weird cult called the Children of God. His family left when the cult leader started to order female followers to sleep with men so they'd join the cult (this was called flirty fishing). CRACKED.COM

Source: Esquire

Bruno Mars grew up in a house that didn't have a bathroom at all. That meant they'd have to walk across the park - but he says he has the best memories growing up, and his experiences taught him to BE resourceful. CRACKED.COM

Source: ET Online

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