15 Deep Facts That Really Cornered Our Market

15 Deep Facts That Really Cornered Our Market

Did you ever wonder how Brie Larson played such a convincing vocalist and frontwoman in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? It couldn't be because she is an accomplished actress with her first on-screen acting credit going all the way back to 1998 as “Roadkill Easy Bake Oven Girl” on the Tonight Show, it actually goes back even further … Well, actually, it goes forward to 2005 with the album she released when she was just 15-years-old. “Finally Out of P.E” wasn't super well received, if received at all, so it's probably for the best that Larson leaned into her acting career, but it just goes to show that you can take the girl out of the early 2000s bubblegum pop alt rock, but you can't take the early 2000s bubblegum pop alt rock out of the girl. 

If you're looking to take a break from yelling at Brie Larson online for God knows what, take 5 minutes to read more interesting facts and yell at us instead. 

Blockbuster could have partnered with Netflix.

The Blockbuster CEO laughed at Netflix's CEO when he tried to form a partnership in 2000. BLOCKBUSTER BLOCKBUSTER CLEARANCE SALE - SOCA CRACKED.COM Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings suggested Blockbuster run the Netflix brand in stores and Netflix would run theirs online. CFO Barry McCarthy says they just about laughed us out of their office.

CNET / Wikipedia 

Ants herd aphids for that sweet sweet honeydew.

Ants herd and domesticate aphids to 'milk' them for honeydew nectar. CRACKED.COM By stroking the back of some aphids with their antennae, the ants can induce a honeydew droplet. They will move them to sweeter plants, and protect them from ladybugs.

antARK  / Pexels 

Pineapples were so expensive in the 1700s that people would rent them.

People in the 1700s used to rent pineapple as a centerpiece for their parties. CRACKED COM Imported from the Caribbean islands, pineapples that arrived in America were very expensive - one pineapple could cost as much as $8000.

MentalFloss / Pexels 

A Dragonball character was written out of DBZ because the creator forgot about her.

A character from Dragonball never made it to Dragonball Z because the creator forgot about her. CRACKED COM Launch was left out of DBZ, which is probably for the best as her method of fighting consists of pulling out an Uzi - after she sneezes and turns into her violent alter-ego, that is.

ComicBook.com  / DBZ Wiki 

The last WWI soldier died in 2009.

The last surviving WW1 combat soldier died at 111 years, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old. CRACKED.COM Harry Patch was the last male First World War veteran living in Europe and the last British male known to have been born in the 1800s.

BBC  / Wikipedia 

The US government tried to give the Sioux nation $1 billion in compensation for Mt Rushmore.

The Sioux nation refused $1 Billion in compensation for Mt Rushmore, saying the land was never for sale. CRACKED COM The US Government took the land on which Mt Rushmore was built from the Sioux nation, and developed Mt. Rushmore on sacred Sioux grounds without any compensation.

The Atlantic / Wikipedia 

A building owner insisted on a 6th floor pool, and 500 people later died.

A department store in Seoul, Korea collapsed, killing 500 people in 1995. CRACKED.COM During construction, the owner insisted on adding an unauthorized 6th floor with a swimming pool. When his engineers protested, they were fired.

History / Wikipedia 

There is an experimental treatment for allergies.

Scientists developed an experimental universal treatment for allergies. CRACKED.COM While still being tested, it works by wrapping allergens in a nanoparticle which sneaks it past the immune system. This helps the body understand it to be harmless.

Futurism / Pexels 

A resort in China is modeled after a town in Wyoming.

There is a popular resort town in China that is a near-replica of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. CRACKED.COM It is complete with its own Teton Village and Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The town's Chinese name translates literally to Hometown, USA.

The Atlantic 

A stripper was used to get the Avengers model of Hulk made.

Hulk's body in The Avengers was based on a male stripper named Steve Romm. CRACKED.COM Marvel Studios wanted Raffalo's Hulk to be based more on a linebacker than a personal trainer, like Edward Norton's dehydrated version in 2008.

Digital Trends  / NY Post 

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