15 of the Coolest, But Most Disrespectful Uses of Priceless Artifacts

A French king got to enjoy the Mona Lisa whenever he took a dump.
15 of the Coolest, But Most Disrespectful Uses of Priceless Artifacts

Here’s a fun fact for you to continue accepting we’re but a speck of dust floating in meaningless nothingness: Titanic exhibitions all over the world boast actual Titanic artifacts, of course, but also props from Cameron’s movie. But that’s… weird. We get that the movie is cool and all, but the way its legacy has become intertwined with an actual tragedy is the sort of reality-twisting mindscrew that makes smarty pants have to invent new concepts. It is cool, yes, but also, like, disrespectful? Hey, welcome to today’s Pictofact. We missed you.

We’re now examining 15 of the coolest but most disrespectful uses of priceless artifacts, relics, antiques, artistic masterpieces, and just old-timey bones. They’re not flat out cool uses. Those would just be museums where museum nerds can take care of them and us normies can learn from them (hopefully in their native countries, you British imperialists). And they’re not only disrespectful uses. That would just be destroying them, a favorite subject for us here at Cracked. Instead, we’re focusing on that sweet spot, where an absolute lack of historical respect meets flexible definitions of coolness. For example, is the rapping dog from the Italian Titanic cartoon cool? Of course it is. And did we start this intro with the Titanic just to end it with that clip? We missed you so much.

The Mona Lisa

Disrespectful uses of priceless artifacts Coolest bathroom decoration ever After Leonardo's death, the Mona Lisa was acquired by his benefactor, King Francis I. The French king hung it in his bathroom at the Fontainebleau palace, where it stayed for a bit until the French court was moved to Versailles. Of course, bathrooms were way different, bigger, and classier if you were a French royal. CRACKED.COM

The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci


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