20 Facts About the Making of 'Titanic.'

20 Facts About the Making of 'Titanic.'

In 1997, Titanic was the most expensive movie ever made, costing around $200 million. Sure, today Jeff Bezos can easily fart out a $1 billion budget for the first season of Lords of Power Ring Whatever in order to placate the demand for him to give back what has never belonged to him in the first place — but back then, Titanic’s budget was pure insanity. As it usually happens with James Cameron’s feats of God-spitting hubris, however, the gamble paid off, teaching us yet again that we shouldn’t ever doubt the man’s mad genius. And indeed, his not-so-historically accurate movie about the real-life tragedy ended up winning an astonishing eleven Oscars.

Of course, that’s not all. The massive project also became the highest grossing film at the time, ultimately earning $2 billion, which is curiously the exact budget for Amazon Prime’s new series Cool Billionaire. Alright, we’ll just say it: Unlike certain people, Cameron actually does deserve all the money. All the Oscars, all the money, and our most untouched body bits. Just on the basis of his narcissistic madness and poor anger management, Titanic succeeded, and so we’re examining 20 ball-tripping facts about its making. For example, did you know the film failed to show the one bathtub shared by hundreds of passengers? Maybe Cameron just thought recreating it would be disgusting – but search your heart: you know exactly who’d get off on it. Comedic rule of three, baby! Also, Titanic facts!

James Cameron, the Dictator

CRACKED.COM Weddis TITANIC JAMES CAMERON WAS PRETTY MUCH A TYRANT ON SET. Always the perfectionist, Cameron drove everyone to madness, pushed filming way beyond safety, exhausted his extras so much they would fall asleep during safety meetings, and gave orders with the sort of dark humor and, erm, physical enthusiasm that HR departments just love.

Deadspin, Time

Torturing Kate Winslet

TITANIC IT WASN'T A FUN EXPERIENCE FOR KATE WINSLET. Winslet and Cameron seem to be on good terms today, but back then, the grueling shot, underwater scenes, director temper, and hypothermia almost killed her. I chipped a small bone in my elbow, and at one point I had deep bruises all over my arms. I looked like a battered wife. CRACKED.COM


The Drawing Hand

TITANIC THAT'S JAMES CAMERON DRAWING KATE WINSLET. Leonardo DiCaprio can't draw, so the hand doing the drawing belongs to Cameron. However, since DiCaprio is right-handed and Cameron left-handed, they had to flip the image. CRACKED.COM

Screen Rant

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