15 Ways the Ancient World Was Different Than We Imagine

You really shouldn't learn your history from movies.
15 Ways the Ancient World Was Different Than We Imagine

Everybody knows the modern world was brought about when Zorro defeated the Three Musketeers and the Man in the Iron Mask to return King Arthur to the throne. But did you also know some of our other conceptions about the past might be wrong? Yes, Zorro did fight ninjas, but the fax machine was also invented in the 19th century, which is like something out of The Simpsons. The thing is that historical research is continually improving our grasp of the p – wait, please come back, we won’t say “historical research” anymore. Sheesh.

In this Pictofact, we take a look at 15 ways in which the ancient world was way different than we imagined. We explore surprising ways in which it does not fit at all with our image of it, which insofar as it is nurtured by Hollywood movies, demands a lot of corrections. So we went back to our whole back catalog of sweet, nerdy, and dusty historical knowledge, and now we bring back some fun factoids for you to munch on. We trust you will learn a lot from this Pictofact. For example, did you know Jesus was really a fast-talking, high-level salesman? We really do learn something new every day.

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