All of our grandmothers told us the story! A great dragon loomed over a mountain village and demanded that upon every moon, the people must come together and collect their coolest and most interesting fun facts about this, that, or some other things. They don't need to be connected by any sort of theme or premise, beyond being a cool and interesting thing the dragon could potentially bust out during a dinner party, or whatever. If the dragon wasn't satisfied, he would make the village his lunch. 

Today, in honor of our ancestors, we present a new list of fun facts for the pleasure of the hungry Fact Dragon. We hope he enjoys these tidbits of knowledge from all corners of the internet, and is bemused enough by them to spare our people for another couple of weeks. If YOU happen to learn something fun from this list in the mean time, all the better-- But make no mistake, it's primarily for the dragon! 

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