20 Intense Survival Horror Movies (To Get That Sweet Anxiety Fix)

Feeling too calm? Just watch one of these.
20 Intense Survival Horror Movies (To Get That Sweet Anxiety Fix)

Are you comfortable reading this? All cozied up? Maybe reading this in a work break or just in the toilet? Is the toilet all warm under you? Describe your toilet to us — no, wait, we were going somewhere else with this. Oh yeah. If you’re all comfy reading this, then that means you’re not floating in the middle of the ocean, lost in the snow, or trapped in a house with a tiger. You know, reading this Pictofact as your battery is about to die, which would be a classic dumb horror movie decision. But you get our point: Be thankful you’re not in a horror movie situation, like the ones we’re discussing in the following.

In this Pictofact, we examine 20 intense survival horror movies, which is already inaccurate since not all of the following are horror horror. They’re all horrific, to be sure, but the term still kinda applies since getting stuck in places is only funny in sitcoms. In real life, or the horrors and dramas sometimes inspired by it, getting stuck can quickly mean desperation, loneliness, hunger, and wolves everywhere. So we’re taking a look at a bunch of survival movies. Most of them are horror, some are dramas, some are trashy fun and others are classy, serious films. But all of them entail hellish situations we would never want to find ourselves in, so be thankful you can get your sweet, sweet anxiety fix with them. At least until the Survival Horror Movie: Infinity War arrives. Enjoy!

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