15 Truly Baffling Decisions Made In Horror Movies

15 Truly Baffling Decisions Made In Horror Movies

Look, when you’re watching a horror movie or a thriller, we all have made a pact to suspend our disbelief for a few hours. After all, vampires, undead killers, and xenomorphs aren’t real (that we know of). That aside, there have been several instances in which a character could have easily avoided death if they took half of a second to think it over.

We’ve all watched the slasher movie and said, “Why did you run upstairs? The exit is that way!” But there happen to be scenes and plot holes in thrillers that feel even dumber than that. Sometimes to the point that you no longer sympathize with the character and end up feeling that their fate is deserved due to their idiocy.

We’ve asked Cracked readers for their picks for the most baffling, logic-destroying decisions made in horror movies and you entered in droves. Here are the top picks.

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