You should never start a bar fight, but you damn well sure better end it. Sometimes conflict is unavoidable and diplomacy falls on deaf, drunk ears. You don’t carry a firearm, or a knife, or… well, any actual weapon that could help you. So where do you turn? To pro wrestling!

No one is more creative in creating a weapon out of the most random objects than a pro wrestler. Not even ninjas. You usually have to get a weapon from a special store, usually needing to wait for a background check. Pro wrestlers just have to go to Home Depot to prepare for their next rumble. Maybe we should take some notes from them in case we find ourselves in a bar fight surrounded by chairs, tables, or a salt shaker. Worst case, we could use our socks like Mankind.

In any case, here are some random items you can find around a bar or bring to a bar that could help you stay protected if things get hairy.


Pro wrestling weapons to use in a bar fight Tables While not a weapon made for wielding, it's a nice exclamation point to any combination attack ending with a throw. CRACKED.COM



Pro wrestling weapons to use in a bar fight EXIT A giant bag of popcorn Many bars have this complimentary munchie to encourage folks to drink more, so use it to your advantage. No one expects snacks as a weapon, so swing a hefty bag of freshly popped corn to both bamboozle and wallop your opposition. Plus, it's a good post-battle nosh. CRACKED.COM


Kendo Stick

Pro wrestling weapons to use in a bar fight Kendo sticks A good way to get punishing welts onto unruly opposition without injuring them enough for a major lawsuit. Plus, they make a nice snapping sound to warn others to back off. CRACKED.COM


Mannequin Head

Pro wrestling weapons to use in a bar fight A mannequin's head As Al Snow proved, a dummy's head makes for an innovative blunt object, but also deters potential opponents from messing with you if talk to it. CRACKED.COM


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