15 Ways Judy Garland Out-Sex-And-Drugged Most Rock Stars

15 Ways Judy Garland Out-Sex-And-Drugged Most Rock Stars

I enjoy this list of interesting facts because I have a passion for facts. Some people are obsessed with football, or politics, or movies, or the weather; I am obsessed with facts. I love them, in fact. I'm the kind of person who finds facts fascinating. The more fascinating the fact, the more I love it. I love interesting facts that are strange, unusual, and humorous. I love bizarre facts and funny facts. I love bizarre facts that are also humorous. And I love humorous facts that are bizarre, too. Humorous facts that are also bizarre are my favorite kinds of facts. I've written a list of weird facts in a number of books, but this is different because I've added an element that is unique. It's a new twist on a list of strange facts. A list of weird facts is typically an oddity list. It's a list of the most bizarre things I could possibly think of. 

Not Even a Glass Table to the Face Could Wake Her Up

Not Even a Glass Table to the Face Could Wake Her Up GRACKED.COM The manager of her comeback tour in the early '60s also wrote that one night, as Garland stum- bled to bed, she face-planted into a glass coffee table. Мо- tionless and bleeding profusely, the manager thought she was dead, but it turned out she was just sleeping.

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She Was Constantly Setting Herself on Fire

She Was Constantly Setting Herself on Fire CRACKED.COM Garland had a habit of passing out with a cigarette in her hand, which led to at least two fires, one in 1953 in which she barely escaped the flames when her husband carried her out of the burning bedroom and then a few years later when she suffered burns to her legs af- ter her nightgown caught fire. Even in her delirious state, she managed to quip to her manager, I better wear tights.


The Singer and the Songwriter

The Singer and the Songwriter CRACKED.COM You know the Frank Sinatra song That Old Black Magic? It's about Garland, written by Johnny Mercer, who she dat- ed in the '40s and also wrote such clas- sics as Moon River and Jeepers Creepers. Then she also banged Frank Sinatra because nobody knew how to make something all about her like Gar- land (though she complained that all he wants is blow jobs).

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MGM Started Her Young

MGM Started Her Young GRACKED.COM After signing with MGM when she was just 13, the studio put Judy on the stan- dard regimen of pills to keep us on our feet long after we were exhausted, then they'd take us to the studio hospital and knock us out with sleeping pills ... then after four hours they'd wake us up and give us the pep pills again so we could work 72 hours in a row. That would turn even most adults into Ozzy Osbourne, shuffling around in perpetual disorienta- tion and somehow with a British accent.


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