15 Ways Judy Garland Out-Sex-And-Drugged Most Rock Stars

15 Ways Judy Garland Out-Sex-And-Drugged Most Rock Stars

I enjoy this list of interesting facts because I have a passion for facts. Some people are obsessed with football, or politics, or movies, or the weather; I am obsessed with facts. I love them, in fact. I'm the kind of person who finds facts fascinating. The more fascinating the fact, the more I love it. I love interesting facts that are strange, unusual, and humorous. I love bizarre facts and funny facts. I love bizarre facts that are also humorous. And I love humorous facts that are bizarre, too. Humorous facts that are also bizarre are my favorite kinds of facts. I've written a list of weird facts in a number of books, but this is different because I've added an element that is unique. It's a new twist on a list of strange facts. A list of weird facts is typically an oddity list. It's a list of the most bizarre things I could possibly think of. 

Not Even a Glass Table to the Face Could Wake Her Up

Not Even a Glass Table to the Face Could Wake Her Up GRACKED.COM The manager of her comeback tour in the early '60s also wrote that one night, as Garland stum- bled to bed, she face-planted into a glass coffee table. Мо- tionless and bleeding profusely, the manager thought she was dead, but it turned out she was just sleeping.

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She Was Constantly Setting Herself on Fire

She Was Constantly Setting Herself on Fire CRACKED.COM Garland had a habit of passing out with a cigarette in her hand, which led to at least two fires, one in 1953 in which she barely escaped the flames when her husband carried her out of the burning bedroom and then a few years later when she suffered burns to her legs af- ter her nightgown caught fire. Even in her delirious state, she managed to quip to her manager, I better wear tights.


She Was Probably Bisexual

She Was Probably Bisexual CRACKED.COM Much like those who dress up as her to- day, Garland almost certainly enjoyed same-gender relations. How often and with whom are hard to pin down, but one of her partners was probably MGM publicist Betty Asher, who was so close to Garland that many suspected they were more than just gals being pals. She was also a studio spy, but that doesn't necessarily preclude naked time. See: every James Bond movie.

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40 Pills a Day

40 Pills a Day Ritalin OKEY CONTROLLED DRUG POSSESSION WITHOUT AUTHORITY ILLEGAL KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN b NOVARTIS OL Ritalin® 10 AUST R 11052 METHYLPHENIDATE HYDROCHLORIDE 10 mg CRACKED.COM It's no wonder she had to re- sort to such drastic mea- sures -- by 1968, Garland was taking 40 Ritalin pills every day. We took exactly one of those things one time in college, and we're pretty sure she was superhuman.


Her Slapstick Affair With Orson Welles

Her Slapstick Affair With Orson Welles CRACKED.COM While she was engaged to Vincente Mi- nelli and he was married to Rita Hay- worth, Garland's affair with Orson Welles reached sitcom hijinks levels of wacky. She once sent him a bouquet of flowers that Hayworth assumed were for her and invited both her fiance and lover to dinner on the same night, but quick thinking relieved her from the ne- cessity of pulling a two dates in the same restaurant.

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