20 Alternate Endings to Movies (We're Thankful Never Made the Final Cut)

20 Alternate Endings to Movies (We're Thankful Never Made the Final Cut)

Ending something is never easy, which is why we ghosted our partner a week before the wedding. It was just to avoid that breakup talk, you know, awkward. In fiction, though, something similar happens. Endings are a tricky thing. Sometimes they’re supposed to be all ambiguous, but they’re really not. Sometimes they’re supposed to be happy, but they’re actually depressing, or just plain dark. And sometimes endings just disappoint. Creators couldn’t crack them, and they didn’t have a backup plan, like our dumb ex when they started calling us a million times while not getting the hint that they better start looking for someone else.

In this Pictofact, then, we discuss backup plans. Indeed, we’re continuing a Cracked tradition, and discussing alternate endings that (while interesting) we’re glad weren’t what we finally got. In most cases, their ideas are tentative, half-baked, too weird, or just sappier versions of the official endings. And we’re all for sappy, corny endings, but you have to really earn them, you know? Sappy endings are an art form in itself, and if you’re not able to justify them in an interesting manner, then just stop texting us, okay? No, we’re not giving back the wedding gifts. Getting them was always the original ending and we don’t compromise our artistic vision, we have integrity. Anyway, some of these movies may not have too much integrity themselves, but hey, at least they dodged the bullet of the lame alternate ending.


Suspicion THE ALTERNATE ENDING: In Hitchcock's original vision, Cary Grant's gold-digging grifter does murder his wife, but she gets him to mail a letter implicating him. A superior ending indeed, even if it'd have anticipated the ending of Promising Young Woman. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Final Destination

Final Destination THE ALTERNATE ENDING: Alex is electrocuted and burned alive, Clear has his baby, and then she and baby Alex run into Carter and talk about death while a leaf falls next to them. That's right, they tried to make a falling spooky. CRACKED.COM



CRACKED.COM Election THE ALTERNATE ENDING: Tracy and Professor Jim patch things up, apologize to each other, and she gives him her yearbook for him to sign. This mature ending (discovered on a VHS back in 2011) is closer to Tom Perrota's novel, and Matthew Broderick kinda likes it, but the movie loses a lot of its edge.

Source: Salon

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