36 Movies With a Fuzzy Recollection of Actual History

36 Movies With a Fuzzy Recollection of Actual History

Movies have a weird relationship with reality. Sure, you want to do your best to depict a world with consistent rules and gravity so that the audience can immediately understand the tone and stakes of the story being told… But also, you're maybe going to smudge some details for the sake of moving things along. There are similarly times where you may have done all the research in the world… But there are still hilarious little details that don't quite match what would have actually been available in that point in history. 

The biggest offender on this list is Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise… Does it REALLY matter that in ‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’ that a Granny Smith apple makes an appearance long before they actually existed? No, of course not, the movie still rules. Is it still fun to point out for the sake of a list like this? Also yes! 

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