14 Silly Historical Mistakes From Famous Movies

14 Silly Historical Mistakes From Famous Movies

Nobody expects filmmakers to get everything 100% right when they’re doing a movie set in the past. However, some mistakes can’t be overlooked… well, they can, but it’s really fun to point them out anyway. Mistakes like:

The Hurt Locker is set in 2004 and features a YouTube reference. When Owen Eldridge spots an Iraqi man filming him with a camera, he jokingly says, H

Bernie tells the real-life story of the 1996 murder of Marjorie Nugent. Hornbuckle L. work answe to slioe It does not, however, tell the story of whic

Django sports badass shades in Django Unchained. Unfortunately, those didn't exist in 1858 modern sunglasses were introduced in the early 20th century
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