Trains have had an interesting history alongside cinema, even at the very beginning of the art form. Any film student can tell you about the unverified account of early film audiences fleeing in terror at The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station, thinking of it as a real train heading toward them. Trains provide a nice vehicle (pardon the pun) for film stories.

Having a movie set on a train can definitely raise the stakes, regardless of genre. It creates potential isolation of all the main characters being stuck in one setting (the train). It can open up discussion about class issues and transportation in general from a wide range of periods in time. Plus, think of all of the action sequences featuring a train going off track or heading towards peril, or two people climbing on top of a moving train, and so on.

Here are some quality movies involving trains for you to check out.

Train to Busan

Train movies Train to Busan 2016 Not only does this South Korean film take place on a train and feature high impact action, but there are zombies! A favorite among audiences and critics. CRACKED.COM


Murder on the Orient Express

Train movies 1974 Murder on the Orient Express While the 2017 version is good, this adaptation of the Agatha Christie murder mystery was nominated for multiple academy awards. As the title suggests, a murder takes place on a luxury train and famed detective Hercule Poirot is tasked to solve it. CRACKED.COM


Burt Lancaster

Train movies 1964 The Train Burt Lancaster is part of a French Resistance against the Nazis, who are shipping stolen paintings to Germany by train. A vintage war film that takes place on the tracks rather than the typical battlefield. CRACKED.COM


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Night Train to Munich

Train movies 1940 Night Train to Munich A Criterion Collection classic about an inventor and his daughter kidnapped by the Gestapo as a British Secret Service agent follows them, disguised as a Nazi officer that's trying to WOO them to the Führer's cause. CRACKED.COM


Throw Momma from the Train

Train movies 1987 Throw Momma from the Train An author with writer's block and his student recreate a comedy version of Strangers on a Train. This Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito movie is a classic, with an amazing performance by Anne Ramsay as DeVito's shrill mother. CRACKED.COM


The Darjeeling Limited

Train movies fama 2007 The Darjeeling Limited Three brothers meet in India a year after their father's funeral, to go on a spiritual journey aboard a luxury train ride. If you're into Wes Anderson's stark color palette and twee, this movie is for you. CRACKED.COM


Back to the Future Park III

Train movies 181 1990 Back to the Future Part III Driving a car at 88 MPH wasn't an option in 1885, a time before gas stations. Doc and Marty have to steal a whole train to get back to their future. CRACKED.COM



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