Have you ever asked yourself, “What does my favorite celebrity smell like?” Would it be calming and subtle like lavender or vanilla? Will there be a scent of cocoa butter to explain their smooth skin? Will the be a hearty yet welcoming musk? Who knows, but it may appeal to you.

But what about celebrities you don’t like or don’t care about? What do they smell like? What scent would embody them? What smell would remind you of that one guy from that one thing? And why is it so pungent?

Many celebrities get perfumes and colognes with their name on them, but some of them just plain shouldn’t have bothered. Whether it’s because of their weird scent profile or bizarre connection between the celebrity in question and the hoity-toity nature of cologne and perfume, some things just shouldn’t be made to spray onto your body.

Here are some of the more bizarre celebrity-endorsed scents out there.


Celebrity Colognes and Perfumes KISS Her/KISS Him by Kiss The rock band puts their name on everything, so it's not a surprise that they'd make both a perfume and cologne. Oddly, the fragrance contains red peppercorns and wet fig leaves, but not grease paint. KISS HER KISS HER Untor CRACKED.COM

Danielle Steel

Celebrity Colognes and Perfumes DANIELLE by Danielle Steel Yes, the same person who writes romance novels. Per the ad, the fragrance is named Danielle to embody a strong and intriguing woman. Strong like Steel, maybe? CRACKED.COM

Source: Fragrantica

Burger King

Celebrity Colognes and Perfumes FLAME by Burger King In a fragrance fit for a king, His Royal Majesty of Burgers presented a limited edition body spray that had one primary feature: the smell of flame- broiled meat. Just take Axe body spray and add liquid smoke to it. BURGER FLAME. KING CRACKED.COM

Source: Fast Food Geek

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