Casting is one of the most important parts of any television or movie production-- Sure, the scripts may be important, and French auteur theory posits that the director is the actual author of a film, but that doesn't change the fact that the actors are the literal face of any given production… By this logic, it shouldn't be controversial to say that major casting shake-ups would radically change how a movie or show could turn out. Would the Back to the Future films be the longstanding success that they are without the likable charisma of Michael J. Fox? We nearly lived in a world where we could have found out, and Eric Stoltz was the one travelling back to the 50s to mack on his Mom. 

And that's nowhere near the most radical casting change-- Did you know that Sandra Bullock was offered the lead role of Neo in The Matrix? We don't know if the movie would have been better, but damn if we aren't curious about it! 


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