27 Movies Where Everyone Missed The Point

Everyone is bad at watching movies.
27 Movies Where Everyone Missed The Point

Movies can be a life-changing cultural experience that you will remember for a long time or even a lifetime. They might also be total catastrophes that make you regret pressing play in the first place. In the middle, there are films that are just plumb boring. But the fact is, everyone’s reaction is different.

Converting a book to the screen can be tricky. The running multiple, the supporting cast, and the action scenes are just a few of the issues and hurdles to consider. In other circumstances, simply being practical keeps getting in the way, so movie makers are unable to adapt a novel satisfactorily due to budgetary and schedule constraints.

You're telling me that movies have a purpose other than to keep me entertained for 90 minutes to two hours? This truth seemed to astonish many individuals, even film critics. Here are a few films that everyone seems to have missed the purpose of.

Curious? Here are a few movies whose point everyone seems to have missed.

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